God’s Soliloquy

You pray for rain in the Fall,
just the right amount upon the land,
for you who are bound to My harvest.
Prayers that have a new meaning
in these days of changing seasons,
so many worries, for so many reasons.
I call to you to be straight,
to walk the path of holiness. though
the way feels hard, life’ crawls uphill,  and
days of sleepy silence pass without a sound.
Hello, Hello?  Is someone out there?
This lonely God calls out
in the solitude of a wilderness
where you have cast out your goats.
I forever forgive all your sins.
I exist, forever and ever,
with an ever flowing font of a heart!
I’ll be here at the end of the end,
in a flash, and then, then nothing’s left.
I cry for all those who have come and gone,
without a prayer, without a God.
I am your steadfast King,
I am forever and ever!
Hear My soft winds and see the soft dance
of the ballet of dandelion fluff,
scattered seeds from My life  fly on,
softly spreading souls from My hand.
I’m the rivers that run into seas,
where Noah got to know the love of Me.
My name is One, and I’m  all alone.
It is hard to live in separation,
no one knows what it’s  like to be Me.
There’s always that door that few can open,
the path beyond that is lightly trodden.
I am One,  a lonely God, waiting
for a visit from those on my planet!
I cry! Alone, so alone
in an expanding Universe of primeval dust.
I am your God, wear fringes on each corner
to remind you of Me, to remind Me of You.
I’m older than old, and I’ve seen
trauma far beyond all words,
so please pray for Me!
Bow your head just a bit in respect.
I will try to bring rain for your
cattle and basket of grains.
I will try to feel your constant love,
and sustain you through
your walk that steps closer to Me each day,
past all that has fallen and failed,
while you strive to have My love prevail.
A beacon will I set upon a hill
to give you a love signal
in the dark of the night.
You are and were made in My image,
nothing has changed, nothing’s been lost.
I’m here, forever and ever,
with My Heart worn upon my sleeve,
crying, and waiting for you to meet Me
halfway, I will shine bright white between
the stick figures of holy words,
to light the path to Me.
The straight way can be so hard to see.
I will reign forever and ever!

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About Lisa Tremback

I started writing in Elementary school and was published in school and local newspapers. I graduated from Columbia College in Chicago and studied under the poet, Bill Knox. I have been published at Colorado State University's underground newspaper. I enjoy writing almost every day and love to write about my relationship with G-d.

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