Professor David Shneer in class at CU. (Photo by Casey A. Cass/University of Colorado)

This Sunday, Art is My Weapon with Dr. David Shneer

The new Archive Transformed residency program connecting artists and scholars will hold two public events this month: a performance at Old Main Chapel May 13 and presentations by the inaugural residency cohort at the Boulder Public Library May 17.

Art Is My Weapon

David Shneer and Jewlia Eisenberg

Sunday, May 13, 7 p.m.
Old Main Chapel

In 1934, at 22 years of age and one year after Hitler came to power in Nazi Germany, Lin Jaldati, the stage name for Rebekka Brilleslijper, gave her first performance of Yiddish song and dance for the immigrant Jewish community of her native Amsterdam. In 1988, one year before the Berlin Wall fell, she gave her final concert in that city divided by the Cold War as part of East Germany’s new avant-garde festival, The Days of Yiddish Culture.

Two parts passionate music, one part stunning images, one part inspiring story, Lin Jaldati: Art is My Weapon tells the life and work of this remarkable woman.

Archive Transformed: Public presentations

Thursday, May 17, 6 p.m.
Boulder Public Library

No Boundaries: Dancing the Visions of Contemporary Black Choreographers

Gesel Mason, assistant professor of dance and artistic director of Gesel Mason Performance Projects, will bring together herself and three collaborators—Daniel Beahm, Digabyte Production Company; Marcos Steuernagel, assistant professor of theater, CU Boulder Department of Theatre & Dance; and Amma Y. Ghartey-Tagoe Kootin, Theatre and Film Studies and the Institute for African American Studies, University of Georgia.

The project aims to perform, document, preserve and disseminate dances by 10 prominent and influential African American choreographers via a digital humanities archive. The online platform will allow the user to navigate the material through an archive of the work of prominent African American choreographers with Mason’s body serving as the archive.

LA Archivera: The Sonic Archive of Emily Sene, Sephardic Jewish Music in LA

Jewlia Eisenberg and Jeremiah Lockwood will explore the songs of Turkish Jewish immigrants to Los Angeles as collected by Emily Sene. Sene’s archive, now held by UCLA, documents and illuminates the experience of Sephardic Jews in California through music. Eisenberg and Lockwood’s collaboration, in conjunction with scholarly support from CU Boulder historians David Shneer and Phoebe Young, will expose Sene’s work through the study and performance of songs from her collection.

The Beregovski Archive: Yiddish Music from the Soviet Union

Alicia Svigals, internationally acclaimed klezmer violinist and composer, and Yonatan Malin, associate professor of music theory and Jewish studies at CU Boulder, will work with the archived recordings and transcriptions of Moshe Beregovski, made in Ukraine from 1929 to 1949, in an effort to understand the deep and ecstatic music of Jewish Eastern Europe in the centuries leading up to World War II.

In addition to developing a rigorous understanding of modal features of the instrumental music collected by Beregovski, they will improvise, compose and share their work through innovative forms of scholarship, workshops and concerts. Pianist and composer Uli Geissendoerfer from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, will join Svigals, Malin and local musicians for a workshop and performance at the conclusion of the residency.

America’s Chosen Spirit

University of Kentucky Associate Professor Janice Fernheimer and New York Times best-selling author and illustrator JT Waldman are working to build a transmedia project that raises awareness of the longtime presence and participation of outsiders such as women, Jews, African Americans and immigrants in the development of Kentucky’s bourbon heritage. The project combines a webcomic and podcast series inspired by oral histories and local folklore with links to online archives that provide audiences a trove of related materials including primary sources.

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