Sunday Is Passover Day of Learning at Bonai Shalom

This Sunday, March 18 at 9:30 am, Bonai Shalom invites you for a day of learning as we prepare for Pesach! This free and open program will begin with Seder Best Practices with Rabbi Marc Soloway and Rabbinic Intern Hannah Kapnik Ashar.  Three simultaneous break out learning sessions to follow:

  1.  Seder – A 15 step program – with Rabbi Marc which is an exploration of the themes and structure of the Haggadah through the 15 steps of the seder, including creative and spiritual ideas, discussion points and songs.
  2.  Maggid – The Core of Our Storytelling – With Hannah Kapnik Ashar – Okay, we’ve had a little snack and arrived at the fattest part of the Haggadah: Maggid. What do you “need” to include in your seder, and where can you be creative? This will include text study that you can share at your seder, address the core components of maggid: Pesach (the Passover offering), matzah, and maror (the bitter herb): and the path from degradation to praise.
  3. The Evolving Haggadah –  With Francine Lavin Weaver – This interactive discussion, primarily for empty nesters, will explore how the Haggadah has evolved over time; the art, the message and the style. How has the story of leaving slavery in Egypt spoken differently to different generations? Please bring your favorite Haggadah to share, and we will look at many different versions, including the original 1930s Maxwell House edition!

Following our break out learning we’ll share in a closing session called, More than 4 Questions? This is an opportunity to ask and answer any remaining questions for Passover in general and seder in particular.

Finally, from noon to 2:00 pm, Bonai will offer “Thinking Outside the Matzah Box – New Passover Favorites with Chef Jessica Hersh” – We so often focus on what we can’t eat for Passover that we get into a deprivation mindset.  Get ready for the holiday by learning some new dishes that will help you feel full and fully free this year. We will start with a nouveau take on an old classic, Jessica’s famous Not Your Bubbe’s Gefilte Fish. We will also make and taste Spring Green and Scallion Frittata and Poached Pears with Chocolate Red Wine Syrup. Nothing contains matzah or any of its derivatives; nothing contains any grains or kitnyot. This class will be mostly demonstration with plenty of snacks. Pre-registration required, $15 materials fee.  Register here.

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