4 Questions For a Personal Chef: Ambra Lowenstein

1. What does it actually mean to be a personal chef and who would want your services?

As a personal chef, I make food to stock my clients’ refrigerator each week so they can enjoy delicious, exciting food without having to lift a finger. I can either do it in my own space and deliver the food once per week or go to a client’s house and prepare all their food there. Sometimes my clients are busy families or retirees who just don’t have time to cook (or just don’t like to).  Other clients have health issues and they really would rather leave the care and understanding of dietary cooking to me.  Often a client has gone to their doctor only to receive a suggestion to majorly change their diets and the client doesn’t have the first idea about how to cook for this strict prescribed diet never-mind how to feed themselves and their families at the same time. Let’s be honest, life can be stressful let alone having the daily chore of having to come up with menus, shopping and cooking every day.  This is something I love to do for anybody who can really benefit from it.

2. What types of food do you really like to cook?

Starting from my own journey to optimum health, I discovered that the root of many health problems has its origins in the diet.  This knowledge ignited a life-long quest for the perfect balance of proper nutrition and delectable flavor.  With a toolkit of culinary school, cooking classes around the world, countless dietary trainings and years of intensive dietary research, I have quite a lot of flexibility and background knowledge.  It is my passion and delight to create menus that reflect the most exciting dishes from around the world, revisioned to offer the body more of what it needs and less of what it doesn’t.

I also really like a challenge!  Let’s say you have 4 people in your family. 1 is gluten free, 1 a carnivore who prefers things plain, 1 a vegetarian who likes spice and a very picky child.  Now it’s my job to synthesize all of that information and then, each week, come up with a delectable menu that’ll make everyone happy.  Sounds impossible but it’s my forte!

3. Do you also do catering and other things?

Yes, I cater events (up to 50 people), retreats and dinner parties.  I love making classical Jewish food and would be delighted to make all those beloved holiday foods for folks. I also offer cooking lessons to individuals and small groups up to 10 people.  Besides cooking, I also do coaching as well.   I am a confidence and accountability coach especially in the realm of health and self-image.  I love helping get people on the right track for getting healthier and happier.  I help people get to the root of their problems and then am there for them along the way to keep them encouraged and successful.

4. What brought you to Boulder and what is different about your services?

I just moved to Boulder (from Asheville, NC) about a month ago to follow my family and to start a new chapter in my life.  So far I’m loving it and am happy to make it my new home.  Each day more things fall into place and I am finding my ways to offer my varied gifts to this thriving community. Something that makes my services really special is that all areas of my work (cooking, coaching, performance, etc) are part of my personal spiritual practice and that shines through.  It is my dharma to help people be their best, healthiest and happiest.  With that mission, I offer assistance with regards to dietary health as well as helping reduce stress and increasing quality family time by relieving people of their daily cooking chores. I love being connected and I want to have real relationships with the folks that I work with.  I offer delicious love so that at least one aspect of their lives is better and that will ripple out to other areas of life.

For more info of her personal chef services, you can check out her website at:


or email her with any questions at lionstonecoaching@yahoo.com.

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