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Prepare for Passover: Buy and Sell

No-ChametzPassover is right around the corner (April 22-30, 2016). As you prepare for this joyous holiday here is a reminder about two special mitzvahs to do before the holiday.

First, let’s sell! Click here to download the form.

Don’t forget to sell your Chametz!!

Unless you’re planning to lick it all clean… arrange the sale of your Chometz.  Download the Form on our site by clicking here and email it or mail it in.

As you know, Passover is the holiday in which we eat matzah and refrain from eating or possessing any chametz (leavened). In the weeks preceding the holiday we clean our homes and rid them of all chametz. If, however, we still own any chametz — whether food products or dishes — that we’d like to use after Passover, we may designate a rabbi to sell it all for us to someone not Jewish so that we do not own it for the duration of Passover. After Passover the rabbi acquires it back for us.

Rabbi Scheiner of Boulder Center for Judaism offers this service.

But don’t just sell; buy something good, too!

shmuramatzaPassover is the holiday of matzah, and it is recommended to use handmade shmurah matzah, especially for the Seder night. Not only do many enjoy the special taste, but using these matzahs helps us fulfill the mitzvah in the best possible manner.

Delicious handmade shmura matzahs are sold here in Boulder.  Make sure to include handmade shmurah matzah at your seder table and share this sacred tradition with your friends and family.  Call Chany to purchase your own Shmurah matzoh.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have at or 303-494-1638.

About Chany Scheiner

Co - Director of Boulder Center for Judaism. Any successful organization needs a heart and that is what Chany provides, along with organization, marketing, innovative programming, and countless Shabbat dinners. Some of her accomplishments are large and public like the annual menorah lighting on Pearl Street and the matzo and shofar factories, while others are quiet and private like the time she spends counseling individuals and sharing the wisdom that comes from study.

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