The Importance of Visiting Israel with a Tour Company

There are many places around the world that can easily be visited without the use of a tour company. Israel, however, is not one of these places. With thousands of years of history and culture, as well as a profound biblical significance, it takes an expert to navigate the sites in an efficient and thorough manner.

Noam Matas
Noam Matas

Even the most astute scholar will benefit from the expertise of a seasoned guide. Israeli guides are required to go through a demanding and rigorous 2 year educational program before they can become government certified, so they are considered masters of their field.

Noam Matas, CEO of America Israel Travel, a tour operator specializing in Israel tours, believes that first-time visitors should travel on a fully guided tour:

“Even though Israel is very small in size, it can be challenging for first-time visitors to find and experience the country and its main sites efficiently. Expert tour guides will be with you throughout your journey and will connect the history, geography and theology of the places you will be visiting in a friendly and intimate atmosphere.”

Travelling to Israel as part of a tour group is also cost-effective. A typical fully guided 10 day land and air package will cost around USD $3,000 per person staying in a double room.

“Not only is a guided tour more efficient, it is also cost effective. When purchasing travel items such as transportation, entrance fees, meals, and hotels individually, the cost adds up to a much higher total than the cost of a guided tour package. And that is without even including a tour guide!

“Take for example our Israel group tour packages, which include: air transport to Israel, first class accommodations, ground transport during the journey, meals, Israel sightseeing, professional tour guides, coordination of special events and activities, and more. It allows you to relax and enjoy your journey, while we take care of everything for you.” 

AIT roots of your faithBetween the benefits of efficiency, local expertise, and financial savings, it just does not make sense to tour Israel on one’s own.  Especially during unstable times, travelling in an escorted group with guides that know the area of the attractions well and are fully aware of the current climate, can take the stress off the traveler. In light of the current situation, all tourist sites, museums, restaurants and holy sites are operating as usual. Noam even points out:

“We have not noticed a decline in the number of tourists still travelling to Israel. Actually, it can be hard to find a hotel room at the moment as the hotels are still fully booked! We continue to receive positive feedback from our groups in Israel (as seen on our Facebook page), who are enjoying their tour just as it was planned.”

A vacation should be stress-free and enjoyable. Traveling Israel with a well-established touring company, either as part of a tour group, or individually, is the best way to ensure that your time in Israel is everything you hoped it would be.


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