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The weather’s getting warmer, bulbs are emerging and Passover preparations are starting.  For many people that simply means spring is around the corner.  For Beit Izim, Boulder’s Jewish Goat Co-op, it means we’re getting ready for baby goats!  From our three milking goats we are expecting five new kids to enter this world in the next month.  There’s lots to do to get ready for the new arrivals, not least of which is to figure out who gets to name them!  This year we are opening up the opportunity to name the goats to the whole community.  If you would like to name a baby goat, then you can make a donation of $18 or more to the goat co-op and be entered into a drawing for a chance to name a new kid!

The money from this drawing will be used to construct a new fence and new animal shelters in a new location on the Boulder Jewish Commons, where the new Boulder JCC is being built.  Beit Izim and their goats are a part of the long term vision for agriculture on the property.  However, the animals will be living, eating, and ruminating in a new location, with a nice view of Sombrero Marsh.

Besides the opportunity to get involved naming the goats, we need lots of help to build the new fencing and housing!  We will be hosting community work days this April so you can get dirty with us!  On April 12th at 12 pm we will host a naming ceremony and open house to meet the baby goats followed by a workday to put up fencing and shelters for their new home.   We will most likely be working the rest of the Sundays in April as well.  Please RSVP to Farmer Becca at the Boulder JCC if you’d like to come or hear more about the workdays.CSC_0047

In addition, we have a few openings in our co-op.  Joining Beit Izim gives you the opportunity on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to care for and milk the goats.   People of all ages, backgrounds, and faiths are a part of the co-op.  What brings them together is a commitment to raising these lovely animals, to local food, and to the delicious organic dairy!  If you are interested in joining the co-op, please email Yael Cohen.

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  1. i have asked about taking care of the iivestock, many times but no one answers me; i have lots
    of experience with goats, sheep, horses, chickens, donkeys, turkeys and ducks;

    i would love to do this and help;' where is the barn?
    please call me, miriam paisner
    ANIMAL CARE BY MIRIAM 303 447 9772