Do You Believe in Magic? Find Out at Menorah’s Magical Morning

Lamont, who performs weekly at Murphy’s, is also a Houdini expert.

Magicians throughout the centuries have refuted the old adage “seeing is believing.” Our eyes do, in fact, deceive us, leaving us astonished, perplexed and, most of all, entertained. From the simple rabbit-in-the-hat trick to making an elephant vanish into thin air – as Houdini did – magic defies the laws of logic and physics.

Continuing the tradition, a group of local magicians has been assembled to amaze and delight Menorah’s friends at our bi-annual fundraiser.  Tickets are still available for A Magical Morning with Menorah, this Sunday, October 18 at 11:00 am at Rembrandt Yard. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS.

The gala brunch features table-side magic as well as an opportunity to meet the magicians at a champagne reception following the program.

The ever-popular Eddie Goldstein is away at a conference this weekend, but you can bid on him to perform at your own party.

Menorah has also worked some magic with it silent auction. In addition to bargains on restaurants, massages, mountain condos, and other goods and services, Menorah offers a series of experiences. Designed for small groups, these experiences provide unique opportunities to socialize and learn with friends – old and new.

The offerings range from a visit to the home of a noted art collector to a belly dancing class, from a poetry workshop to a nature photography hike. You can learn mahjong or flower arranging, or you can enjoy painting ceramics or taking a private Nia class. And if the Magical Morning leaves you longing for more, you can have magician extraordinaire Eddie Goldstein perform at your own party for adults.

The other magicians are, of course, also available to perform. Larry Crowley has been entertaining professionally for over 25 years, and he describes his magic as “fun, personable, offbeat, and astonishing. I like to involve spectators in the magic, using humor and playfulness. My forte is close-up, strolling magic, mixing with a crowd and performing effects that take place in the spectators’ hands.”

Brandon Parker has been performing for seven years, and spent three years as the house magician at Casa Bonita. He adds wit and charm to his act, and can perform “for any size audience in any environment for any length of time. No two shows are the same!”

Essie Snell has been focusing on close-up magic for the last 15 years, and his style is “relaxed and sophisticated, with a strong focus on delivering effects that evoke true wonderment for everyone watching. Integrating top notch sleight-of-hand with a combination of psychology, misdirection and an engaging personality, Essie is a unique and talented performer who is able to entertain in virtually any environment.”

lawrence_crowley_cardflytexSteve Aldrich has been performing for 35 years, and has shared the stage with performers such as Jerry Seinfeld, Louie Anderson, Paula Poundstone, Ellen DeGeneris and Sam Kineson. He spent 20 years as a regular at the famed Magic Castle in LA.

Brent Warren, better known as Doc Murdock, is a comic magician from Nederland, noted for his originality. He has coined the term “Twilight Zone Magician” to describe his act. “It’s having a lot of surprises happen to me. I’m the victim of the magic as well as the audience.”

brent warren
Comic magician Brent Warren walks his fish

Lamont Ream is known by his first name and is known for his flawless coin magic. A full-time professional magician of many years – he performed weekly at the Broker for 21 years – Lamont is the originator of new techniques and the inventor of dozens of tricks. Inspired by Houdini, Lamont shared his knowledge of the master magician with our audiences at a Menorah program in September. He has even mastered some of Houdini’s famous tricks.

Sam Kent, who curated Menorah’s magic show, will also be performing. In his early years, he was a professional magician, spending his evenings “entertaining audiences at birthday parties and weddings and bar mitzvahs. I mostly did intimate shows, where the audience was right on top of you the whole time — not that big, showy David Copperfield stuff.” He also owned a magic shop on Pearl Street, where several local magicians got their start.

Why are people so intrigued about magic? Brent Warren tackles that question:Because I think we are involved in the greatest magic trick of all. We are floating around on a giant ball in space with no wires. How do they do it? There’s all these different philosophies.”

Menorah’ Magical Morning offers an opportunity to honor Susan Litt for her contributions as board president and program chair. It offers a savory brunch catered by Bay Window. It offers bargains aplenty. But one thing it will not offer is the secret to how magic tricks are performed. I once asked Brent Warren how a magic trick was done, and he leaned in and whispered, “Can you keep a secret?”

“Yes,” I assured him, to which he replied with a smile, “So can I.”

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