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Brain Rehabilitation Technology Startup Intendu Attracts Impact VC Investment

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Herzliya Pituach, Israel – May 27th, 2015 – Impact First Investments (IFI) announced today an investment in Intendu, an Israeli startup developing a novel technology to improve cognitive rehabilitation of people with brain dysfunction. The solution provides brain training through adaptive video games that involve physical activity, including games that target training of cognitive functions such as multi-tasking, memory, inhibition, self-initiation and more.

Intendu’s neuro-cognitive engine constantly monitors a player’s activity and performance as they engage and interact in video games through natural body gestures. Based on a player’s performance and bio-feedback, the games’challenges dynamically adapt to optimize stimulation of a patient’s brain and help them achieve rehabilitation goals. Intendu’s data collection turns rehabilitation into science to create the most effective impact on patients. The platform can be used for ongoing training of people with brain disorders at both a clinic and at home.

Intendu Picture 1IFI is the first Israeli investment firm that exclusively invests in viable and socially driven hi-tech companies. Last week, the firm announced its investment in Catalyst Agtech, an Israeli company developing technology that minimizes the negative environmental impact agrochemical products and pesticides have on the environment. IFI assists all the companies they invest in by helping to clarify social missions, manage technologies, and achieve social and capital gains.

“The investment by IFI will allow us to dramatically improve the rehabilitation of people suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Stroke, and in the future also help people with cognitive impairments resulting from age-related cognitive decline, mental illnesses, and neurological diseases. Our solution allows for quality rehabilitation treatment to be affordable for everyone who needs it, everywhere” said Dr. Son Preminger, Founder and CEO of Intendu. “We are currently conducting clinical trials to measure the effect of training with our software, and we have secured leading US institutions to be early adopters of our solution. One of the main problems in current brain rehabilitation is that people receive treatment for only a very short period and then are left at home without any therapy at all. We are going to work closely with the therapist community to spread our new technology to brain-injured people for usage at their home environment.”

“Intendu is a true example of merging modern technology with the highest level of neuroscience research. As the use of interactive technology continues to become mainstream in every aspect of our lives, it is imperative that we adapt their uses for those most in need,” said Cecile Blilious, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of IFI. “The Intendu technology utilizes the highest levels of neuro-cognitive research and science, and is designed to be available and affordable for use by anyone in need wherever they may be. We are excited to be working directly with Son and her team.”

Impact First Investments is a member of Pitango Community Ventures with Chemi Peres as Chairman of the Advisory Board.

About Impact First:

Impact First Investments is the first Israeli investment firm specifically designed to leverage local technology and innovation to create global social impact.  By exclusively investing in socially driven Israeli start-ups, the firm is uniquely positioned at the crossroads between global social challenges and the technological solutions that address them. In recent years, Israel has claimed its role as a high tech “powerhouse”, commonly referred to as “the Start-up Nation”, and as such, has successfully enhanced the lives of individuals and communities around the globe through its innovation and robust tech industry. Impact First is seeking to leverage Israel’s unique aptitude for tech innovation, and the growing global interest in the impact investment market, to create sustainable global social impact.  


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