B’nai Mitzvah and Beyond: Jewish Resources for Boulder Teens

JtBoulderJewish Together Boulder is excited to unveil a new resource for the community: B’nai Mitvah and Beyond. These resources provide a road-map to assist families in finding the right fit for this significant right-of-passage and the years post b’nai mitzvah.

It can be an overwhelming task to find the right program to shepherd a bar/bat mitzvah student and their family through this life-changing journey. We hope that this guide will make it easier for families to have all of the information regarding the different offerings in our community at their fingertips.

Our b’nai mitzvah section features descriptions of each program offered in the Boulder area, venues, tips on planning an environmentally responsible party, and a bit of learning.

The teen resources section focuses on local opportunities to study, learn or volunteer; enticing national Jewish programs; and information on local camps.

In the tradition of the wedding, new baby, and bereavement guides, B’nai Mitzvah and Beyond will help b’nai mitzvah students and post b’nai mitzvah students connect with community and each other.

With the arrival of Gary Brandt and the new Boulder Jewish Teen Initiative (BJTI), there will soon be a wide variety of teen experiences available in addition to those like BTY (Har HaShem’s youth group) and BBYO, successful programs that have been in our community for a number of years. BJTI is an umbrella organization to help your teen connect with the right experience for them whether it is learning, social, athletic, or social action. BJTI also offers programs and leadership opportunities.

Jewish Together – Boulder is a collaboration between 30 Jewish organizations and synagogues working together to strengthen relationships and provide connection for ALL Jews in Boulder County. Their website features comprehensive life cycle resources, local holiday information, and much more. Boulder County has so many diverse ways for you to make Judaism meaningful in your life – limitless choices…one community.


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