Week in Review: January 11th, 2012

bjn-logo8-200x200-blueShabbat shalom!  Cheryl and I had the privilege this week to enjoy a screening of “Chasing Ice,” the documentary about photographer and Boulder resident  James Balog’s seven-year-plus project to document the retreat of glaciers in Alaska, Montana, Greenland and Iceland.  The film made the top-fifteen-documentaries list for 2013 Academy Award consideration but did not ultimately get nominated.

Chasing Ice” was extraordinary in both its depiction of the death throes of glacial formations, as well as recording the lengths to which Balog and his Extreme Ice Survey team had to go to install and maintain the cameras that recorded the dramatic and beautiful images in the film.  The screening, Thursday night at the Boulder Theater, was followed by a Q&A with Balog and his primary Icelandic field assistant, Svavar Jonatansson.  Needless to say, the pair received a warm welcome, including a standing ovation from the sold-out house.

Chasing Ice” is currently scheduled for one more screening at the Boulder Theater next Wednesday, January 16th, at 8:00 pm.  We strongly recommend going to see this film, and bring your children.  If this isn’t enough encouragement, then click here to watch the trailer, too. Now, you can click here for tickets.

More information about the film, including an international screening schedule,  is available at www.chasingice.com.  More information about the Extreme Ice Survey and programs to bring James Balog’s work to more people around the world can be found at extremeicesurvey.org and earthvisiontrust.org, including ways to support this important work.

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