What? Me Step in That?

Weathering the Floods – A Goat’s Perspective

What? Me Step in THAT?

Who knew that our Jewish co-op goats would take the rain and flooding so personally?  They did.  As co-op members Rabbi Ruthie and Yael Cohen slogged through the Wednesday night downpour, trying to finish up the milking, feed the goats, and herd them into the safety of what was turning into a  half-flooded barn with a waterfall on the roof, our five goats cringed under the small overhang in the paddock.

By the next morning, the land had turned into a swamp and the city streets were impassable.  The  first calls went out to co-op members and Boulder Jewish Commons caretaker Bob and Ru Wing, asking is they would be the substitute milkers.

Ru updated us later by email, letting us know that the goats were doing well and that they were hanging around “as though they just can’t stand the idea of stepping in that water.  Then they quickly run through it on tippy-toes!”   Check out the photo of Thistle on Erev Yom Kippur — all the other goats were bribable with food to get them in the barn while Thistle hovered on the end of a two by four with that expression that clearly was saying, “What? You expect me to walk through THAT?”

Fortunately, Bob Wing was a super hero, out digging trenches for a week or so.  By this point, most (but not all) of the water is drained.

So, the goats are inviting the entire Jewish community  to head over to the farm at 1492 Cherryvale this Sunday, October 20th, anytime from 10 – 3 and join us in a “Working Jewish Farm Day” as we relay floors, regrade the paddock to slope away from the barn, rebuild the milking platforms, haul in the winter grain, and ready the barns and the property to give the goats a happier,  healthier, and drier winter.

As a treat, we’ll also be providing hands on experience milking the goats!  And, we’ll be serving a bagel brunch to all the helpers — so if you are 12 or older, please come and help (tools & shovels welcome).  The farm is opposite Bonai Shalom behind the yellowish house.

Please RSVP so that we have enough food available by Texting your first name, email address, & number of volunteers to:  303-900-0893 or Emailing us your first name, cell number, & number of volunteers to: bait-izim@googlegroups.com

About Yael Cohen

Yael Cohen is the #1 bestselling author of "Secrets of a Special Education Advocate" and host of Get IEP Help Live! She is also a member of Beit Izim, the Jewish Goat Co-op. Some of our goats are featured in "The Udderly Fantastic Goat Journal."

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