Chabad of NW Metro Denver has released its Torah Studies catalog of one-hour weekly classes for the second season of the 2013 academic year.

New Year’s Resolution? Weekly Torah Study

Chabad of NW Metro Denver has released its Torah Studies catalog of classes for the second season of the 2013 academic year. All classes will be held at The Chabad House, 4505 W 112th Ave Westminster. Each class is one hour and is open to men and women. Registration is $70 for the entire course or $7 a class. Refreshments are served. Click here for registration.

At Chabad, we value a deep, rich learning experience and we aim to provide this in an unequivocal way. This is why we have brought you a Torah Studies program of the highest caliber, developed by the world-renowned Rohr Jewish Learning Institute. The program brings you a series of stimulating text and discussion based classes that take place on a weekly basis. Our lessons will engage you in a multidimensional way by challenging you intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. They explore contemporary issues through a Torah perspective as well as tackling timeless questions in the Jewish tradition.

Please browse through the topics in this catalog and to join us for some weekly inspirational study. In this new season, you will also find classes about the upcoming Jewish holidays of Purim and Passover. These classes are open to all, whatever your level of learning may be, and we encourage you to bring your friends along.

An Attitude of Gratitude – Monday, Dec 31st
The Benefits of being Grateful
When it comes to gratitude, it is more important that we are grateful than that the recipient is deserving of our gratitude. Discover how Judaism extends the obligation of gratitude even to objects and enemies.
Through Thick and Thin – Monday, Jan 7th
Integrating all areas of Judaism and our lives
Jewish culture is multifaceted; we dance and mourn, fast and feast, in solemn prayer and in jubilant celebration. What’s the underlying theme that ties together all this diversity?
The Steps of Man – Monday, Jan 14th
How G-d Guides our Every Move
The seemingly unexplained, random occurrences in life in fact have a unique purpose. This lesson explores the guiding force behind our wants, needs, desires, as well as the happenstance that seems to come out of nowhere.
Means to an End – Monday, Jan 21st
Discovering the Meaning in the Mundane
Why do you do what you do? Are you clear on your priorities? Does your life revolve around them? This lesson explores the importance of the means in achieving the end goal.
Theism vs. Deism – Monday, Jan 28th
Does G-d Really Care?
How do you relate to G-d? Does He dwell in the abstract or does He take interest in your personal affairs? This class explores our relationship with G-d, and G-d’s relationship with us.
What Makes Us Jewish? – Monday, Feb 4th
The Significance of the Conversion Process
Nowadays the conversion process is incomplete. Does this mean converts are less Jewish? Or does this say something about what it means to be a Jew today?
Jewish Idol – Monday, Feb 11th
Giving In to the Urge for Idolatry
Idolatry stems from the urge for a tangible, sensory spiritual experience. In biblical times, the cherubs in the temple filled this need. How do we achieve this nowadays?
The Art of Attraction – Monday, Feb 18th
Understanding Esther’s Beauty
What makes us attractive to others? Are people attracted to those who are proactive and “with it” or to those who bring out the beauty in others?
Why We Sleep – Monday, Feb 25th
An Exploration of Life’s Nightly Reset Button
We spend one third of our lives sleeping, but to what end? This lesson discusses how to break with the past and set off on brand new beginnings with each new day.
Making a Difference – Monday, March 4th
Understanding the Impact of Our Actions
We follow routines sometimes failing to see how our efforts are effective in bettering society. This lesson introduces how-according to Judaism- the world hangs in the balance, dependent upon our every deed.
The Freedom Ride – Monday, March 11th
Unshackling the Prisoner Within
This lesson explores the secret behind the cups of wine at the Passover seder, uncovering four steps toward spiritual awakening and personal freedom.
A Stranger to Passover – Monday, March 18th
How to Connect with the Experience
Not unlike fine wine and whiskey, a taste for G-d needs to be developed. Passover is a time of personal connection, a time to become a real connoisseur of spirituality. This lesson explains how.

About Rabbi Benjy Brackman

Rabbi Benjy Brackman is the spiritual leader of Chabad of NW Metro Denver, an outreach center and synagogue in Westminster. He has been involved in adult education since 2003 and running JLI courses since 2007. Hundreds of students have enjoyed Rabbi Brackman’s unique teaching style that includes an ability to reach across audiences of all backgrounds and affiliations.

About Rabbi Benjy Brackman

Benjy Brackman is the Rabbi/Executive Director of Chabad of NW Metro Denver in Westminster, Colorado.

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