Where is the Jewish Community?

The recent terror attack in Norway, this time by an anti-Muslim extremist, is the mirror image of the attack by radical Islamists.

What I can note, though, is the media frenzy to paint this guy as a “right-wing” extremist while radical Islamists and “left-wing” extremists (such as the shootings at a city council meeting in Florida last year by an avowed left-winger) hardly get reported or even investigated in detail.

The point here is that the level of violence is rising in the world as radical Islam attacks and will be in turn attacked. And also as I hypothesize, the left-wing extremists will unite with the Islamist extremists, at least until the Islamists win (think the Iranian Revolution). That means the Left will be attacking Israel as a proxy for us.

Jews are always the worse off under such a culture of violence. We get attacked, and seldom are the perpetrators held accountable. Think of the AMIA center in Argentina in the early 1990s. Such a state of affairs encourages attacks against Jews, though there is a reaction among many Jews which amounts to asking for more appeasement, not less.

Does this work? Well, what is the alternative, to go to war with Islam? No, we do not want that either. But should ignoring the problem be an OK reaction as well? No, ignoring it is not helping; it is hurting.

How about confronting our enemies as enemies, or, as the saying goes, let’s call a spade a spade? We should not go to war at any price, but neither should we be begging for peace at any price either? The hard reality is that more and more, other people who increasingly don’t like us, want to kill us. And many Muslims are sympathetic or playing hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. Are we prepared? Are we getting prepared?

When Yale University recently closed down its award-winning unit dedicated solely to exposing, elucidating and theorizing about current anti-Semitism (as opposed to past anti-Semitism), where was the outrage from the Jewish community? Why are we not demanding this be reopened on the basis that this was an act of anti-Semitism itself, a cave to the Arab Lobby for funds to the University, or a cowardly way to avoid talking about Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism because of the fear of being called an Islamophobe? Where is the media on this? What about the Congress and President Obama?

Where is the Jewish community?

I found this article thought provoking in generating this commentary: “Jews in the Basement” by Stella Paul, from the American Thinker.

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