Menorah + Snow = Cold Fun

A driving snow storm couldn’t keep more than a hundred people from occupying the Pearl St. Mall in front of the courthouse Wednesday night — to light an eight-foot menorah, drink hot cider, eat sufganyot and celebrate the second night of Chanukah.

Boulder Mayor Matt Applebaum did the blessing and lighting honors this year, assisted as always by Rabbi Pesach and Chany Scheiner of Chabad Lubavitch of Boulder County, the main organizers of the lighting ceremony.  The shamash was lit by Rochel Rosencranz in memory of her husband, Yisroel Rosencranz z”l, who passed away recently.

The event was also sponsored by Allied Jewish Federation, Boulder JCC, Boulder Jewish News, Oreg Foundation, and 18 Pomegranates with special thanks to Sally and Jim Kornberg, Bruce and Rhonda Wildman and Rabbi Popack for their support.

The suprisingly hardy crowd enjoyed a half-hour of Chanukah music provided by Steve Brodsky, risking guitar, microphone and health to play for the crowd, who sang and  clapped along to many Chanukah standards.

Pictures and video:

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  1. Thanks David, Lauren and Ethan for your great coverage. (Great seeing Cheryl as well). I was amazed at how hardy Boulderites are, a little snow was no deterrent! Special thanks to all the sponsors who made it possible and Kathryn and Jonathan, Jayme and Michael from the Jcc and Bonnie and Josh Raderman, Amnon Gilady, Bruce Shaffer and many more!