Jewish Student Organization Tackles Unemployment Head-On

New York, NY — Responding to the current employment challenges college students are facing, Aish Connections has created an initiative inviting Jewish students from across North America to compete in a series of business challenges to win internships in New York City.

The program aims to help Jewish college students advance their careers by hosting a unique ten day business trip. Students get the exclusive opportunity to meet some of the most powerful Jewish executives and entrepreneurs in New York City, finding out the secrets to their successes, and perhaps most importantly developing their networking skills and gaining practical business experience to kick-start their careers.

This year is the third year of the trip, and internships confirmed for this year include:

  • Cantor Fitzgerald: Investment bank and brokerage business
  • G-III Apparel Group: Representing Calvin Klein, Guess, Levis and more
  • Iconix Brand Group: Owners of a diversified portfolio of fashion and home brands such as Zoo York, Rocawear , Badgley Mishka, Candies and more
  • The Economist: The leading source of analysis on international business and world affairs
  • Lawlor Media Group: A long established, highly-successful boutique Public Relations agency specializing in luxury lifestyle

At the low cost of $199 for all 10 days, the trip is heavily subsidized by Aish Connections to make it affordable for as many students as possible. The price covers all food, accommodations and activities.

Alan Greenspan

Alan Greenspan, a recent graduate of Arizona State University attended the program last year and is encouraging fellow students to apply. He commented,

The trip was awesome! We met well-known businessmen, including Neil Cole [CEO of Iconix Brand Group] and Ari Schonbrun, [Senior Executive, Cantor Fitzgerald] they shared personal insights from their experiences. The challenges were fun and teaming up with other future leaders, life-long contacts and friends was an incredible opportunity.”

“What’s the catch?” you ask. Well there is just one. As you would expect, each year students are jumping at the chance to get onto the trip and spots are limited.

Interested students need to apply online at by June 1, 2011.

Aish Connections is a non profit organization that provides inspirational trips, events and seminars for young Jewish people across the US. Along with the fun and innovative programming, we offer insightful and relevant discussions on a wide array of Jewish topics and issues.  Upon completion of Aish Connections’ Enterprize 2010 trip, Alan Greenspan is working on a new business venture; a solar fashion line that integrates thin film flexible solar cells into clothing to recharge electronic devices.

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  1. We should do the same thing for Internships in Boulder. Who wouldn't want to be here in the summer time instead of schvitzing the entire summer away in a cube in NYC.