“You Lied to Me, Jew Producer”

“You Lied to Me, Jew Producer”

Jon Stewart is a funny guy. He holds down the Comedy Central chair inherited through a long succession, beginning with Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update comedy routine. That chair used to be held at one point by Dennis Miller, who, like me, turned conservative somewhere along the way. Liberal media and the blogosphere would know this term better as “right-winger.” I’m perfectly fine with that. Except when a liberal really gets mad and extends the term to “extreme right-winger.” I’m not sure what that adjective means, but I believe it is meant to be pejorative. So I am obligated not to like it, or at the least to disagree with it.

But I digress, though not for long.

Comedy Central is looking less like comedy and more like central, as in left-winger. That is not a problem for me, though it may be for their ratings. But what is operative here is the term “extreme.” Not extreme left-winger, but just extreme.

Their latest antic is a new game they have posted on their site that goes by the name, “I.S.R.A.E.L. Attack!” The word ISRAEL is an acronym for Intelligent Smart Robot Animation Eraser Lady, a robot that is sent to wantonly destroy anyone in its path. Wouldn’t that normally be the territory of HAMAS (Humans Animated to Murder and Assault Subhumans) or Hezbollah (Humans easily Blowing Life and Limb from All other Humans)? I notice Comedy Central doesn’t pick on Hamas. Probably this is because someone from that fascist organization might actually kill or bomb Comedy Central and they know Israel is easy picking.

I can say this with more than idle speculation because they seem to have caved in to Islamist intimidation;  they pulled back from the brink when those “boys will be boys” Southpark creators decided to make fun of the image of Mohammed in a recent episode. Threatened directly by the aforementioned intimidation, the following episodes of Southpark showed distinctly more diffidence to the image of Mohammed.

Excuse me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it at least a bit cowardly to do this even though it is also being prudent? I mean, if humor is an ironic take on the truth, and your behavior in making fun of Israel and the Jews is itself motivated ironically with kowtowing to the anti-Israel lobby simply because your scared, then isn’t Comedy Central the butt of the joke here? Let me say this more directly: Is Comedy Central trying to show the radical Islamists that it is a good little Jew-hater? Is Comedy Central crying and shaking in its boots as it slaps around the Jews? If THAT isn’t funny, then what is?

You’re right if you say that isn’t really funny. It is sad, pathetic irony, though.

Apparently they remember the murder of Theo Van Gogh and others who didn’t back down from such threats. Did they just find a way to genuflect in the direction of Islamist Waziristan? At the expense of the Jews? So much for the search for irony and truth! Thanks for throwing us under the bus you little rascals, you.

There may be another explanation, maybe a co-attendant explanation with the one above. Those people at Comedy Central are very creative people. You see, maybe they just hate Jews, Judaism and Israel and have caught that particular virus going around. So this mainstream of channels just spouts what it sees as no longer a fringe idea.

If you don’t believe me, then go look for yourselves. A robot named I.S.R.A.E.L kills all women, animals and children in its path. Here is a breakdown of how the point rewards for the killings are doled out:

200 points :: Killing a Bird
400 points :: Killing an Older Civilian
500 points :: Killing a Cow
500 points :: Killing a Young Boy
700 points :: Killing a Little Girl

From such things are Third Reich’s created.


Below is an email from HonestReporting.com on the issue:


“You Lied to Me, Jew Producer”: Comedy Central Shocker
An offensive online game plays on an association of Israel as a child killer.

Recently, the Comedy Central TV network censored an episode of the popular South Park cartoon following threats from Islamic extremists offended at the show’s portrayal of the Prophet Mohammad. But while Comedy Central was perceived to have caved in on a matter of free speech, it appears that the network exercises double standards when it comes to producing genuinely offensive material.

Currently appearing on Comedy Central’s website is a game called “I.S.R.A.E.L. Attack!”. The premise of this game has nothing to do with Israel and, as such, is nothing more than an insidious attempt at association. The game’s introduction begins with a character who states:

You lied to me, Jew Producer

referring to a character who has failed to carry out a mission to destroy other child-like cartoon characters. If this piece of anti-Semitism isn’t bad enough, a robot – the Intelligent Smart Robot Animation Eraser Lady – is sent to do the job that the Jew Producer failed to achieve.

The character openly calls the robot by its acronym – ISRAEL – and the association created by those behind this game is unmistakable – Israel the child killer.

The game then involves the robot destroying everything and everyone in its path, including children and animals.”

UPDATE: (from HonestReporting.com)

Comedy Central has removed the offensive phrase “You lied to me Jew Producer” from the game’s introduction. While the game no longer appears prominently on the website, it is still accessible and has not been removed.”

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