Why I Volunteer: Susan Litt’s Story

Confessions of a Menorah Board Member

By Susan Litt

When my husband and I moved to Boulder in 2007 our friends back East seemed to think we were moving to a cultural and Jewish wasteland.  They knew we wanted to be more interactive grandparents but what else would there be for us? When we settled in and began to explore the Jewish terrain we were amazed to discover how wrong our friends were.

We went to the JCC and got information about the many different congregations within the community.  We experimented by going to services at a few congregations but did not find one that worked for us.  We decided to remain unaffiliated but needed the Jewish connection to the community and that’s when we were lucky enough to find Menorah.

Menorah became both our Jewish connection as well as an educational and cultural connection.  At someone’s convincing we attended “Tangaluza,” the fun fundraiser for Menorah.  We had a great time and met many wonderful people.  We also went to a couple of movies and discussions at the JCC.  A new friend of mine, knowing my desire to connect, gave my name to Kathryn Bernheimer recommending me to be on a committee for the Festival of Books and Culture week at the JCC.

I have never been one to join a committee or organization just for the sake of belonging.  If I join I want to participate.  When Kathryn called I dove in head first.  I worked on the evening program with Jennifer Lee, the author of the “Fortune Cookie Chronicles”.  I found fortune cookies with Jewish sayings in them.  I decorated the room with lots of red for good luck, Chinese takeout containers and lanterns, etc.  The evening was delightful and successful.  I felt good about my involvement.  I guess the members of the Menorah Board did also because I received a phone call from Menorah Vice President Marc Ginsberg asking me to meet him for coffee.  On a snowy January morning we met for coffee and discussed what it means to be on the Menorah Board; what is expected of Board members and might I be interested.

Long story short: I was interested, I was approved and here I am.  I am now the secretary of the board and an active member of the Jewish community in Boulder.  My life in Boulder has been transformed because of my participation in Menorah.  I help plan and initiate programs that are vital and meaningful to the Jewish community such as concerts, films, discussions, and lectures.  I have grown by being a part of this wonderful organization that provides so many opportunities to learn, enjoy and share so much with so many.  I know that I have found a good fit for me in my new life here in Boulder.

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About Kathryn Bernheimer

Founding Director of the Boulder Jewish Film Festival, Boulder JCC. The former film and theater critic for the Boulder Daily Camera, Kathryn is the author of "The Fifty Greatest Jewish Movies" and "The Fifty Funniest Films of All Time." She was also Director of Menorah and ACE at the J from 2003 through August, 2019.

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  1. The community needs more people like Susan Litt to get active and stay involved. Thanks for sharing your story, Susan.