The founders of Reading Village share a slide presentation of the organization's recent "service-learning" trip to rural Guatemala. Tikkun Olam is not a Mayan word but it is a central principle that guides their work.

Slide Show on Guatemala Learning Journey

Join the founders of Reading Village for a slide presentation of the organization’s recent “service-learning” trip to rural Guatemala. Tikkun Olam is not a Mayan word but it is a central principle that guides the work.

Reading Village is a not-for-profit organization that promotes children’s literacy in the region above Lake Atitlan. The trip combined outdoor sightseeing, up-close inter-cultural exchange, and volunteer service. Come with us as we walk the footpaths that connect the agricultural parcels of a small Kaqchikel village. Experience the colorful sights of Central America’s largest indigenous market. See the lava flow and expansive views from the summit of active Pacaya Volcano. Learn about Reading Village’s work to put much needed books in the hands of kids and train a generation Mayan teenagers as they become grass-roots reading promoters in their village. Hear stories and see images depicting Guatemala as a country of contradictions — natural beauty alongside environmental crisis — material scarcity alongside the generosity of the people — widespread illiteracy alongside ancient wisdom — overwhelming social challenges alongside small but tangible signs of hopefulness.

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Read about Boulder Jewish Day School’s project to support Reading Village here.

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