On Wednesday, Provost Russ Moore of CU will light the giant menorah at the annual CU public Chanukah celebration.

Provost Will Light CU Menorah

CU Boulder Provost Russell L. Moore

On Wednesday, December 1st, 2010, Provost Russ Moore of University of Colorado will ascend a ladder and light the giant menorah at the annual public Chanukah celebration, sponsored by the Jewish Student Association, Chabad and Hillel. The program will be held at the Visual Arts Complex Plaza, and will commence at 6:00 pm on the first night of the festive holiday of Chanukah.

The short outdoor program is open to the public and will feature live Jewish music by local musicians. All the Chanukah favorites will be served, including hot latkes and jelly doughnuts. Free menorah kits will be available to all students, to encourage participants to light their own menorahs at home. Since Freshman are not allowed to light candles in the dorms, special Chanukah parties have been arranged by Chabad, to allow them to enjoy their first Chanukah away from home for the first time. They will be allowed to light the candles at these dorm parties.

As the Chanukah holiday is a celebration of religious freedom, and the menorah is the first beacon against forces of religious bigotry and persecution, it would be an honor if you would join us at this important and most memorable event.

The nine-foot Menorah will be on Hellems Lawn during the week of Chanukah to promote an awareness and appreciation for the Chanukah holiday. Similar giant Menorah candelabras are on display in major cities all over the world.

“We want by-passers, students, professors and visitors to see the Menorah, because the significance of Chanukah lies in publicizing G-d’s miracles, then and now,” explains Rabbi Yisroel Wilhelm, Director of Chabad at CU. “Thus it is customary for Jewish homes to conspicuously display their own candelabras during this festival.”

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