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Mussar Master Alan Morinis to visit Boulder

Even a few years ago, most of us in the Jewish community would not have been at all familiar with the practice of Mussar, especially outside the Orthodox world. Renowned author Alan Morinis has changed this for thousands of Jews around the world, by making this profound, ancient and very practical wisdom accessible, through his writing and his teaching. His popular book, Everyday Holiness – The Jewish Spiritual Path of Mussar, has really opened this profound practice to Jews across the religious spectrum, with its blend of spirituality, study and personal growth.

Alan Morinis is coming to Boulder to share his wisdom and insight on the powerful spiritual path of Mussar! He will discuss how we can deepen our spiritual connection to Judaism by living lives of inspiration, balance and meaning in accordance with this practice of Mussar, a tradition of applying Jewish values to daily life. How can we live with a greater sense of balance? Generosity? Compassion? How do we remember what is most important in our lives and find inspiration from the Jewish tradition to act in accordance with our most cherished values?

Alan Morinis will be in Boulder April 9th-11th. He will be spending Shabbat at Aish Kodesh as part of a joint program with Nevei Kodesh. On Sunday, April 11th at 9.45am, Alan will participate in a joint program of Congregations Bonai Shalom and Har HaShem at Har HaShem, talking about his book Everyday Holiness and offering insights on how to apply ancient teachings to modern life. More information on this exciting weekend of learning and growth to follow shortly.

Alan is an anthropologist, filmmaker, writer, and student of spiritual traditions. He is an active interpreter of the teachings and practices of the Mussar tradition and regularly gives lectures and workshops. Born and raised in a culturally Jewish but non-observant home, he studied anthropology at Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship. His doctoral thesis was published by Oxford University Press as Pilgrimage in the Hindu Tradition.

Alan has written books and produced feature films, television dramas and documentaries and has taught at several universities. Although he took a deep journey into Hindu and Buddhist thought and practice, for the past seven years the nearly-lost Jewish spiritual discipline of Mussar has been his passion, a journey recorded in the book Climbing Jacob’s Ladder (Broadway 2002). His guide to Mussar practice, Everyday Holiness: The Jewish Spiritual Path of Mussar, was published in May 2007. He lives in Vancouver, BC, with his wife of over 30 years, Bev Spring.

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