The latest dispatch from our traveling correspondent, Josh Zeldner, as he relaxes on an Egyptian beach...

A More Peaceful Mindset

I am not sure where my mind was when writing my last post. As I read it now, I find it abrasive and unfair. I have been treated with nothing but respect here in Egypt and am duly impressed by the constant work and living ethic demonstrated by the majority of Egyptians I have met throughout my journey.  At this point,  I have even made a few friends who live here locally and it feels good to pass them on the street. Ironically, as I write this, an obnoxiously loud Egyptian fellow with a Will Smith-style hat is drunkenly yelling throughout the lobby, clanging glasses, ringing the reception bell, and attempting to pull any nearby body into his personal melee.

Lying on a wooden lounge chair, listening only to the waves and other natural sounds, I wrote these words in my personal journal. Enjoy.

Here i am i sit on this beach
i hear the beat beats
of the waves they lap
again and again
an inch further
an inch closer to Hashem
stretching across
wind rippling along
moving to the rhythm
Nature’s beautiful song

Itchiness scratching
i said leave it alone
building pressure
underneath your skin

Aaron –> Who are you, my friend?
We have both just arrived. I feel confident, you seem confused. Both wanting individual travel experiences, here we are. Who are you and where did we come from? Ha I said we; meant to write you…but this works conveniently. Who am I and where did we come from? We. Yes, unity. Who are we? More precisely, what are we?

Back to travel, back to life
adventures must be sought
day in to day out
find life through others
find life through yourself

Palm trees to hiltons
bedouin to druglords
reef to rock
simplicitly nature to electrical wonderland

Inspired to write
poetic lines of thought
words arrange beautifully
gives meaning life

This is the life. I feel a sense of loss for the original dahabian bedouin. I hope I experienced their very detached lifestyle at Abu Galum. What a place. Although they are not, by any means, sustainable, there remains something special about their heritage. We are descended from Sinai, from Egypt. We must maintain some of this connection.
Harvesting your natural resources…fish. Not oil, not even money. Trade with local goods. Trade with your personal skills. Trade with your mind. But do not trade your mind. Trade with your time and your love. Your love is the greatest power with which to barter with. Take caution and choose wisely. The most powerful, but as equally as fragile. Keep truth, honesty, and compassion always at heart and hand, always ready to expose and share, always happy to love. Watch its effects and grow from the gift. Inter human appreciation meets intrahuman spiritual stimulation.

Each word written each
word thought
Each meaning unique
and plentiful
Each movement extending
the soul
Each soul seeking
eternal warmth

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