Sustainable Wood Draydel from 3RLivng

8 Gifts for 8 Nites: Eco Style

Sustainable Wood Dreidel from 3RLivng

AKA: Chanukah – Festival of “Green” Lights

At Chanukah we remember the Maccabis who fought for what was the right thing to do. In honor of the Maccabis, make your Chanukah more environmentally sound.  If they were here today, I am sure they would fight for what is GREEN!

One way to green your Chanukah is to start with the lights. Try beeswax for your candles or if you have an electric menorah, try switching to LED bulbs.

Here is a list of some Eco-Gift ideas to Green your celebration:

1.  Recycled Chanukiah –   Make a Chanukiah (menorah for Chanukah) out of recycled materials. All you need are a few pipes, maybe a glass bottle or metal nuts and some glue or wire.
2. Sustainable – Buy dreidels made out of sustainable wood.
3. Fair Trade – Buy Fair Trade Chanukah Coins and gifts from Global Exchange or another Fair Trade company.
4. Recycled/Repurposed Gifts – Make gifts out of recycled things you have around the house or start with something you find at a thrift store and turn it into a work of art (hint: there are lots of nifty ideas on this website:
5. Game Night – In lieu of a gift one night, have a family game-night which usually takes few world resources especially if you already own the game.
6. Local and Organic – Cook together as a family making a delicious dinner using locally grown food only. Support local farms and local organic businesses.
7. Solar –
Give the gift that keeps on giving for the whole family. Lease or buy solar. If you lease it, you will have zero down and probably won’t pay more per month to the leasing company than you would to Xcel for your electric.
8. Reuse for Wapping –
Use old newspaper, magazines, brown paper bags and even old cloth to wrap gifts.  Remember to recycle the wrapping afterwards.
9. The Shamash (helper) Candle: Support efforts in our own community to live more sustainably through Tuv HaAretz, the Hazon supported CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

    Have a wonderful, energy-efficient and sustainable Festival of Lights!

    About Debbie Garelick

    Debbie is a local Realtor, business woman, mom of two teens and wife of Robert (almost 25 years). She is a strong advocate for local environmental issues in the Jewish community. Also, she is an advocate for juvenile diabetes. Debbie has lived in Boulder since 1974 except for 6 years when she lived in Israel residing on Kibbutz Maagan Michael.

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