Susannah "The Goddess" Perlman. Photo by Patti Lin

4 Questions for “the Goddess Perlman”

Susannah "The Goddess" Perlman. Photo by Patti Lin

In advance of her appearance next week at the Dairy Theater in Boulder, BJN aimed our 4 questions interview at Susannah Perlman, the mover and shaker (and creator) of “Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad.”  Here are the answers we could print:

Why will this night be different from all other nights?

We are in Boulder, hometown of Mork and JonBenet.  I am both a comedy and crime TV fan so it is like visiting Graceland in a very twisted way. Can I move in? Will someone buy me a million dollar house?

What was your dream career in high school?  Bonus:  What was your parents’ dream career for you in high school?

I wanted to set the world on fire with my parody songs and my mom wanted me to make things look pretty and not smile too wide.

Who is the “real” Goddess Perlman? Will she ever just settle down with a nice Jewish boy?

When someone gets me a million dollar house so I can spend my days setting the world on fire with my dreams, any takers?

Is “Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad” good for the Jews? (Any chemistry between the casts, by the way?)

They are great for the Jews. The dancers and my push up bra are currently being used as the perfect bait. Good for The Jews will now be working for drink tickets and Motel 6 rooms.

Susannah Perlman AKA “Goddess Perlman” is a comedian/chanteuse extraordinaire and the ringleader of “Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad”, a variety extravaganza that has traveled the country far and wide. Perlman produced “The Obama Girls of Comedy” a comedy tour de force that went to the battleground states to raise awareness amongst women voters, turning all those states visited blue. Perlman has also been on the last two seasons of “Last Comic Standing” on NBC. In addition, she has performed on every stage known to man, has appeared in numerous festivals, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, NY Burlesque Festival, The HOWL Festival and The NY Underground Comedy Festival. She has been on WE, TLC, MTV, CW-11, Fox and is a regular guest on the Joey Reynolds Show. She has a few albums to her credit: “Beating Around the Bush” and “The Goddess Bless America.”
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