28 Days, 28 Ideas – Local Edition

The “28 Days, 28 Ideas” series during February was pretty neat. Each day, the widget in the sidebar of the Boulder Jewish News homepage was updated with the latest ideas from that series. If you were following along, you may have had the same thought we had: wouldn’t it be nifty to do that locally?

What if we could collectively generate 28 ideas for Jewish life in the greater Boulder (plus Broomfield, Erie, Nederland, Niwot, Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior, Westminster) community?  You probably have an idea (or 2) about ways to enrich, expand, engage Jewish life here. From babies to seniors and everything in between – even though it sometimes seems like we have it all here, do we? Think about the rest of this sentence:  “It would be so great for our community if ___________________.”  We invite you to participate and share your ideas.

What kinds of ideas?
It can run the gamut – brand new ideas, things that have been getting traction elsewhere but aren’t in Boulder yet, things that you’ve seen elsewhere, even programs that the community may have once had and it might be time to bring it back. Recycled ideas are fine. It’s ok if you don’t have all the kinks worked out, it’s ok if it’s just a dream. It could even be an existing program in our community that could be expanded. It might be something for which you submitted a grant proposal, but it didn’t get funded.

Whose ideas?
This is open to the community – anyone is welcome to post an idea. If you already are set up as an author, use your login. If you have an idea and aren’t already registered, click here to register. Use the title for the short name of the idea (up to 5 words) and the content of your post to explain/tell. Post as many ideas as you have (1 post per idea). We’ll publish 1 idea per day.

Why 28?
28 Days, 28 Ideas” was for the month of February (with only 28 days, it’s true). And that was based on “31 Days, 31 Ideas” – “31 innovative ideas to transform the Jewish future from Daniel Sieradski” which ran in January (31 days long!).

So of course our first thought was 31 Days, 31 Ideas for March. But the first seder is March 29. And the second seder is March 30. And realistically, we’re zombies those few days, cleaning, cooking, hosting, rinse, repeat. So 28 Days seems like a perfectly reasonable goal for this effort. If we get 31 ideas before we post the 28th idea, then we’ll have 31 ideas (and if that happens, we will post #28, 29, 30 and 31 all before the first seder).

Other General Guidelines:

Out of the box is fine. All BJN terms and conditions apply. BJN reserves the right to edit posts and assign idea numbers. Idea numbers contain no information about ranking/standing, they are for identification only.


If you would like to donate a prize, contact us. Then we’ll figure out how to award the prize. We will probably start by looking at which ideas generate the most comments – so please participate by commenting as well as submitting!

What happens after?

That’s a great question too. There have been many ideas generated over the years. . . they are submitted for grants or spoken in brainstorming sessions or retreats, or among friends over coffee (or drinks).  A few float to the top and fewer get launched. We hope that over the next 28 days we’ll start to build an “idea bank” that will be accessible and searchable to the community. Our bigger hope is that some of the ideas will catch on – get traction – go big.

We look forward to your ideas!

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