It is particularly aimed to hamstring President Obama in matters of US national security

Obama’s Peace Prize Has European Intentions

The Nobel Prize announced Friday for President Barack Obama is not aimed to attract the American people. It is aimed mainly to attract the Europeans and galvanize their populations against any forceful American policy response to terror threats around the World. (See the AP article below)

It is particularly aimed to hamstring President Obama in matters of US national security in the hope of constricting his use of military force. There is a real fear out there that world war is coming and the European theater will be rife with strife.  They understandably want to avoid that, but at least a good portion of the thinking is that they can find a way to live with terrorism and even Islamism and must avoid confrontation at all costs. In the back of their minds is the experience of two World Wars on their own soil.

How does this relate to Israel?

The line of thought represented by the Nobel Committee giving out the Nobel Peace Prize is a European idea which shows the source of the animosity to Israel, beside the layer of anti-Semitism extant there. We can draw this line of reasoning such:

  1. Islamism is a massive political tide they fear must be accommodated rather than confronted
  2. Israel, like parts of Czechoslovakia to Hitler’s Germany, stand in the way of accommodation and are entirely expendable; self-interest comes first
  3. The USA cannot stem the tide and can only make matters worse in their confrontational opposition to Islamism
  4. Israel can also make trouble for them because it will naturally follow its self-interest in survival; such self-interest involves confrontation with Islamism
  5. The Arab/Palestinian question is a pressure point to constrain Israel, even at the expense of Israel’s survival
  6. The Europeans of this mind-set publicly project that they are for Israel’s interests, but they have a nefarious agenda for her and ignore all countervailing evidence of threats to Israel
  7. This explains much about the motivation of those who seem to give more credence to evidence against Israel than evidence in her favor. In another word: bias.

By saying all this, may I make it more clear that not all Europeans feel this way. What I am saying is that this is a predominant force in European politics that is evident in the awarding of the Peace Prize to President Obama.

Stan Kreis

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize


OSLO (Oct. 9) — President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” the Norwegian Nobel Committee said, citing his outreach to the Muslim world and attempts to curb nuclear proliferation.
The stunning choice made Obama the third sitting U.S. president to win the Nobel Peace Prize and shocked Nobel observers because Obama took office less than two weeks before the Feb. 1 nomination deadline. Obama’s name had been mentioned in speculation before the award but many Nobel watchers believed it was too early to award the president.

Speculation had focused on Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, a Colombian senator and a Chinese dissident, along with an Afghan woman’s rights activist.

The Nobel committee praised Obama’s creation of “a new climate in international politics” and said he had returned multilateral diplomacy and institutions like the U.N. to the center of the world stage. The plaudit appeared to be a slap at President George W. Bush from a committee that harshly criticized Obama’s predecessor for resorting to largely unilateral military action in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Rather than recognizing concrete achievement, the 2009 prize appeared intended to support initiatives that have yet to bear fruit: reducing the world stock of nuclear arms, easing American conflicts with Muslim nations and strengthening the U.S. role in combating climate change.
“Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future,” Thorbjoern Jagland, chairman of the Nobel Committee said. “In the past year Obama has been a key person for important initiatives in the U.N. for nuclear disarmament and to set a completely new agenda for the Muslim world and East-West relations.”
He added that the committee endorsed “Obama’s appeal that ‘Now is the time for all of us to take our share of responsibility for a global response to global challenges.'”
President Theodore Roosevelt won the award in 1906 and President Woodrow Wilson won in 1919.
The committee chairman said after awarding the 2002 prize to former Democratic President Jimmy Carter, for his mediation in international conflicts, that it should be seen as a “kick in the leg” to the Bush administration’s hard line in the buildup to the Iraq war.
Five years later, the committee honored Bush’s adversary in the 2000 presidential election, Al Gore, for his campaign to raise awareness about global warming.
The Nobel committee received a record 205 nominations for this year’s prize though it was not immediately apparent who nominated Obama.
“The exciting and important thing about this prize is that it’s given too someone … who has the power to contribute to peace,” Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said.
Nominators include former laureates; current and former members of the committee and their staff; members of national governments and legislatures; university professors of law, theology, social sciences, history and philosophy; leaders of peace research and foreign affairs institutes; and members of international courts of law.
The Nelson Mandela Foundation welcomed the award on behalf of its founder Nelson Mandela, who shared the 1993 Peace Prize with then-South African President F.W. DeKlerk for their efforts at ending years of apartheid and laying the groundwork for a democratic country.
“We trust that this award will strengthen his commitment, as the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, to continue promoting peace and the eradication of poverty,” the foundation said.
In his 1895 will, Alfred Nobel stipulated that the peace prize should go “to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations and the abolition or reduction of standing armies and the formation and spreading of peace congresses.”

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