CLC is a center of spiritual development and experiential deep learning. The center offers individual and group opportunities to explore a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human in an interfaith setting. Click the headline for full article.

Boulder’s Conscious Learning Community Launches the Center for Spiritual Friendship

Conscious Learning Community – Center for Spiritual Friendship

CLC is a center of spiritual development and experiential deep learning. The center offers individual and group opportunities to explore a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human in an interfaith setting. On May 31, 2009, CLC announced and celebrated its newest program called: The Center for Spiritual Friendship. In an interview to the Longmont Times-Call Rabbi Ori Har- DiGennaro and Rabbi Nadya Gross said: “We know of no better way to educate and promote respect between Jewish people and others than to provide them with the variety of opportunities to explore their deepest longings and values in dialog and relationship with others’ perspectives that are possible at our new center.”

At the heart of the Center for Spiritual Friendship is Spiritual Direction (Heb:Hashpa’ah):

“Spiritual direction helps people tend a deep connection with the holy, and contributes to peace, justice, and integrity of creation. In these difficult times, this connection is even more necessary.” (Spiritual Directors International)

What we offer:

The offerings of the Center for Spiritual Friendship include individual and couples Spiritual Direction, as well as interfaith Group Spiritual Direction and Group Spiritual Direction for caregivers.  In addition, the Center is offering the following ongoing programs: The Torah of Sage-ing ® – a spiritual eldering program, Torah of Parenting – a Group Spiritual Direction for parents who wish to focus on their relationships with their children and co-parents,  Torah Yoga® – an integrative activity of body/mind/soul.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is the art of examining your life for the energy and presence of God. Spiritual Direction provides sacred time and space to delve beneath the surface of everyday life experience, to witness the deeper yearnings of your soul in its relationship with the Divine. It is a long, loving look at the Real, whose effect can no longer be ignored. A spiritual director can help you with that exploration, providing support as you walk your life’s journey. The director serves as a companion and witness, someone who helps you, by simply listening, to discern the divine where you might have missed it and to integrate that awareness into your daily life.

As spiritual directors we work with people from diverse multi-faith settings and spiritual practices, and with people who are not affiliated with a particular tradition or are using different God language.

A relationship is formed between the Director and Directee, over time, in monthly sessions of 60 minutes each.

What is Group Spiritual Direction?

A small group of people engages in a shared process which affirms and encourages authentic expression and transformation. We build a spiritual community where members share their own spiritual journeys as seen in their internal or external lives, seeking God here and now. We learn to be present to the journeys of others in the circle in a prayerful and responsive way. Group Spiritual Direction helps individuals grow in their relationship with the Divine, and love others more fully.

Groups are limited to five participants, who commit to 8 monthly sessions of two and a half hours. New groups are formed frequently.

Our commitment:

We strongly believe that the Center for Spiritual Friendship brings Tikkun that repairs and prevents further divisiveness and intolerance borne of misunderstanding, religious differences and lack of awareness. All of our offerings encourage inspiration and deep inner reflection, while holding a place of global awareness for Divine connection.

For individual Spiritual Direction, to join any of our groups, and for information about the programs, please call 303.563.2114, e-mail or visit our website:

We are looking forward  to including you among our spiritual friends!

Rabbi Ori Har DiGennaro & Oz DiGennaro
Rabbis Nadya and Victor Gross

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