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Column: Vegas-style Reporting Out of Israel

What is not fit to print is printed. What is fit to print is not printed. These are two glaring examples of what passes for coverage of Israel in two major daily newspapers. One publishes a distorted article, the other ignores significant news. A Jewish weekly even discards news that is important to its ethnic readership.

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Column: Jews in (Rudy Giuliani’s) Space

us supreme court flag half mast

“This is an affront to American democracy and does permanent, irrevocable harm to our justice system,” says America’s Mayor. Rudy Giuliani was not referring to charges that he conspired to overturn Georgia’s 2020 presidential election results.

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Column: Adam Schiff’s Censure Amounts to Antisemitism

Almost immediately I shuddered when I switched on the television Wednesday night last week and learned that U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff was censured by the House of Representatives. I felt as if I was watching a replay of the trials of Alfred Dreyfus and Leo Frank.

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Column: Those Pesky Antisemitic Thugs: How Low Can They Go?

back view of students in school uniform looking outside

Two antisemitic thugs in London and Boca Raton, Fla., picked on Jewish targets their own size to badger, as disgusting as these attacks are. However, two of their confederates chose Jewish schoolchildren outside a religious school in north London to blare a Hezbollah battle song from their car.

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Column: Jewish Community Must Assume a Stronger Role Lobbying for Gun-Safety Laws

protect people not guns

It is no revelation that stricter federal laws are needed that would require universal background checks and limit if not ban sales of assault weapons, and those controlling Congress refuse to do anything about it. Yet the ADL neglects to incorporate gun-safety laws into its recommendations.

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Column: As Spencer Tracy Would Say: God Speaks to Eric Adams, and NYC’s Mayor Tells the World

empire state building new york

New York City Mayor Eric Adams may well fit in somewhere between the great actor Frederic March’s portrayal of a fanatical lawyer delivering God’s instructions to the world, and that of lesser-known actor Jay Robinson as a frenzied Caligula when, as Rome’s emperor, he demands his court to “kneel…kneel…kneel to your God.”

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Column: Israel Is Our Business

Last week, Bibi advanced from severe tone-deafness to odious arrogance when he labeled protesters as “thuggish” and lectured critics on the meaning of democracy. When America’s ambassador to Israel urged Bibi to slow down, an Israeli cabinet minister told him, “Mind your own business.”

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Column: Omar’s Removal is a Frightful Omen for All Other Israel-Bashers

As the competing votes tracked upward on the Congressional scoreboard last week, my memory summoned up a moment more than two decades ago when I spotted an anti-Israel sketch posted on a bulletin board at work. It featured a message that compared Israel to the civil rights struggles in the South.

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Column: Fearing A Collision Course Between Bibi and American Jews

When Eric Goldstein speaks, Benjamin Netanyahu must listen. Even more so than when others speak, such as U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler, Israeli business executive Eynat Guez, 100,000-plus protesters in Tel Aviv and Israeli expats in New York and Los Angeles.

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Column: Palestinians Dread What They Have Wrought

Most American Jews and possibly almost half the Israeli electorate would concur with my neighboring diners that Ben-Gvir and Smotrich could be disasters waiting to happen. I do not sympathize with those diners or Palestinians as a society, though I certainly fear for peaceful, rational Arabs caught in the middle.

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Column: ‘Complicity’ With Antisemites Is Bipartisan

The Three Stooges of Mar-a-Lago launched a hate-fest that is hardly the first that is directed at Jews. Nor are Republicans alone in enabling antisemitism in America. Democrats have been restrained in responding to antisemites in their own ranks and advocacy groups have failed to deter antisemites and other bigots.

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Column: Trump’s Advice for ‘a Good Jewish Character’

Trump's recent pronouncements have reopened the question of dual loyalty – that Jews here must ignore the everyday needs of their fellow Americans and, for that matter, themselves, while exerting all their energy and go What else could these words mean? “U.S. Jews have to get their act together and appreciate what they have in Israel – before it is too late!”

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Column: Anti-Jewish Harassment: No Excuse for a Student’s Trauma

It should surprise us that a Jewish student at Altadena Middle School located in the southern tip of Phoenix experienced trauma for a longer period than she should have. Of course, she should never have experienced any of it, but school officials allegedly allowed the situation to persist.

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Column: Of Omar’s Close Call…

Ilhan Omar will almost certainly return to Congress in January, but she barely broke 50 percent in Tuesday’s Democratic primary that allows her to move on to general election on Nov. 8. Her rival, Don Samuels, mused in The New York Times, after conceding, “If this was the general election, no doubt that we would have won this race.”

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