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ALAS!–EICHAH!–You Sit Alone (An Elegy for Tishah b’Av)

On Tishah b'Av we lament the destruction of the two Temples, the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492, other Jewish national tragedies, and, if we wish, our own sorrows and tragedies. On this day we recite elegies and dirges called kinot, as we and our ancestors have done for thousands of years, in our own ritual way of expressing the deep grief common to all people in all cultures.

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Mi Chamocha? A Poem to Help Set Your Prayers in Motion

This poem decorates the traditional mi chamocha (Who is like You?) in the prayer service. If you have time, you could include it in any services; but time constraints during the week probably make its inclusion more practical on shabbat or festivals.

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