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‘Voting is Loving Thy Neighbor’

Hillel International’s MitzVote initiative is designed to help students maneuver the complexities around voting by breaking the process down into simple steps, from registration to ballot submission, and giving students resources about civic action and education.

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“The Masa-Hillel Cohort Opened Up This Whole World to Me”

Megan Garrett, assistant director of University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) Hillel, has fond memories of living near the shores of Netanya, Israel. She spent most of 2014 in Netanya with Masa Israel Teaching Fellows, an experience for Jewish college graduates seeking volunteer, teaching and learning opportunities in Israel.

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JScreen at Hillel Global Assembly to Educate About Testing for Jewish Genetic Diseases

JScreen was at the Hillel International Global Assembly in Denver, engaging with Hillel professionals in order to bring JScreen to their campuses for education and screening events. JScreen’s expanded screening panels now enable for testing of more than 200 diseases, a significant development from a generation ago.

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