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Column: Primary Elections Dampen Middle East Issue as an Obstacle to Biden

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‘You want my vote? You cannot kill my people in my name.’ — Terry Ahwal, Palestinian-American from Detroit suburb As of Oct. 6, I believed that President Biden would likely sweep all solidly Democratic states and most if not all the swing states, a view that was thrown into doubt …

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The 75th Anniversary of Israel’s First Free Elections

By Moshe Phillips Inherent in the recent outrageous charges that Israel has an apartheid system, or is committing genocide is that somehow Israel is not a true democracy while nothing could be further from the truth. This January 25th is the 75th anniversary of Israel’s first open and free elections …

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Netanyahu Defeats Gantz, But Still Short of Majority

As of press time, according to the Jerusalem Post, Likud is expected to come out with 37 seats to Blue and White's 32. Netanyahu's right-wing bloc is expected to finish with 59 seats, two short of a majority.

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Donate Now To Ensure Free, Fair Elections In 2020

The right to vote is one of the most precious rights in our democracy – and it is under attack. In the last decade, many U.S. states have made it harder for people to vote, adopting tactics such as stricter identification requirements, polling place closures, limits on voter registration and early voting, and purges of voter lists.

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