Daniel Rosenberg

Daniel Rosenberg is a 2nd generation financial advisor who graduated from the University of Georgia in 1986, and earned his MBA from the University of Miami in 1991, while working at his family's financial planning firm from 1986 through 1999. What differentiates Mr. Rosenberg from any other advisor you will have the opportunity to work with is his diverse background in the retail, wholesale, and institutional divisions of the financial services industry. In addition to providing traditional retail financial planning to thousands of individuals as well as the businesses they own (including law firms, hospitals, banks, chambers of commerce, and corporations of all sizes), he has acted as a consultant to and/or worked with over 5,000 financial advisors, brokers, planners, trust officers, and insurance agents throughout the country. He was very fortunate to have traveled with and learned from many of the Senior Portfolio Managers and their team of analysts, from some of the largest investment firms and insurance companies in the world. As a true "Industry Insider", Mr. Rosenberg has been involved with the entire "Life Cycle" (i.e., product creation, syndication, marketing, and finally the distribution of these products to financial advisors who would then sell them to their clients) of mutual funds, insurance products, private money management, REIT's, and Hedge Funds. This unique and broad experience in retail financial planning, wholesale territory development, and institutional investment management has provided Mr. Rosenberg with an unequaled depth and understanding of Investment Management and the "Life Planning" processes. Advisor Solutions is aptly named because Mr.Rosenberg has taken the"Best Practices" from the most successfull advisors in the country, as well as the "Institutional" investment management strategies (i.e., Ivy League Endowment Model) practiced by large corporations and endowments. He brings this wealth of wisdom to a private client practice in Colorado and Florida.