Author Information

Authors Welcome!

Here’s a basic “how to” as well as some tips:

To Post Information

Login to the site, using your username and password. You received this in an email when you registered. To find the login link, visit the home page. The link is in 2 places:

  • at the very top (click “Log In to Your Account”) OR
  • at the bottom: scroll down to the footer, and look for “Register/Login”. Click “Login” (or Site Admin if you are already logged in).

When you are logged in, you will see a Dashboard. The simplest way to post:

  • Use the Quick Draft box on the Dashboard
  • Enter a title. Recommended length: 6 words or fewer
  • Enter your content in the box that says “What’s on your mind?” You can copy and paste text from somewhere else into this box (for instance, from Word).
  • Click the Save Draft button.
  • You can upload photos (see instruction below)
  • When done, click “Submit for Review.”

To use the Editor Screen:

  • On the top of the dashboard, look for + New. Click that. You’ll get “Add New Post” with a full editing screen.
  • Enter title in the title box (Recommended length: 6 words or fewer)
  • Text: You can still copy and paste text into the main box.
  • Formatting: You should be able to add links (where appropriate) using the link icon. You can also use bullets, numbered lists, bold, italic, etc.
  • Categories: Select 1 category only. Click here for the definitions the categories.
  • Tags: tags are short key words used for searching. You can add them, or we will. Click here for additional information about tags
  • Photos: If you have photos or logos to add to the story, you can upload them yourself!
    1. How to upload:
      • Using the editor screen, below the title but above the big text box, you’ll see the words “Add Media”
      • Click on that. You’ll get a popup box. Click the tab that says “Upload Files”
      • You can drag and drop from your computer into that box, or click “Select Files” then “upload.” You can add several at once. This associates them with the article.
      • Choose your photo, then “Insert into Post” and you should see it on your screen.
      • If you have a problem, please email photos to us. If there is a large set of photos (like a slide show), email us to discuss the best method.
    2. For the Featured Image (home page):
      • Size = 660px wide x 330 px high.
      • Resolution: 300 dpi recommended.
      • Format: png, gif or jpg. We do not accept Word documents as photos.
    3. A flyer is not a photo. We do not publish flyers – they are not “searchable” and read poorly on devices.
    4. Respect the copyrights of others! You are welcome to submit original photos, but not photos “found” on the web.
  • All the other boxes: You can ignore. We handle Hybrid Settings, Custom Fields, Twitter, etc.

The Author Box

Readers see an Author Box at the end of each article. Here’s what mine looks like:

It consists of the picture, which is pulled from your “Gravatar”, your display name (here I’m using Editor) and whatever biographical information you’d like people to see about you.  It can be a few words, or a few paragraphs, whatever your comfortable with.  You can even plug your organization.

Profile Update Instructions

  1. Login (same instruction as above)
  2. On the “Dashboard“, on the left side of the page, click on the button/link called “Profile” (or a little pictogram that looks like two people).
  3. Then, scroll down toward the bottom to the section called “About yourself“.  Fill in a few words, sentences or paragraphs about yourself. This is what will show at the bottom of your posts.
  4. Click the “Update Profile” button.  This part is done!

Gravatar Instructions

  1. A Gravatar is a small photo of you that shows up in the Author Box (like your photo on Facebook or other sites).
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the “Get your Gravatar today” button.
  4. Sign up for an account.  Use the email address that you used in your Boulder Jewish News profile.  This is important — if you use a different email address, the BJN site won’t be able to talk to the Gravatar site.
  5. Confirm your email address from the sign up email that will send you.
  6. Upload a picture of yourself or a representative image and use their tool to crop it to size — they show you a preview of what it will look like.
  7. Select a rating for your Gravatar — presumably “G” (that’s what we display).
  8. That’s it!  If you have other email addresses, you can register those as well to either use the same or a different picture or image, as you wish.

Questions? Please contact us, we are happy to walk you through the process. Thank you for helping create your community Jewish news.

Additional information about Categories


  • There are 4 main categories: Arts/Culture, Events, Jewish Life, News
  • Previous subcategories have been converted to tags.
  • Think of this the old-fashioned way: if there are 4 sections of a print paper, in which section would you most likely see your article?

Arts & Culture (there are no subcategories here)

  • Includes articles about and programs related to: books, film, food, art/arts, media, travel, music, talks, theater, poetry
  • Use tags to note genre/topic (e.g., books)
  • Of general interest (not specific to a holiday) – may include history, Jewish themes, Jewish creators (artists, filmmakers, authors, etc), recipes, goats

Jewish Life

  • Shabbat, families, teens, tzedakah, tikkun olam, genealogy, young adults, education, spirituality, Jewish camp. Includes tzedakah projects and tikkun olam projects.
  • Anything honoring your rabbi or a member of your staff is Jewish Life
  • Includes medical/health/wellness (Jewish aspects of. . .)
  • Subcategory for Lifecycle (simchas, passings, etc) – but use tag for simcha or passing.
  • Subcategory for Holidaysdo not select Holidays, just the specific holiday. Also tag with that “holiday” (easier search). If it’s not one of the following holidays, then select category “Holidays”
o Chanukah o Passover o Sukkot
o Tu B’shvat o Shavuot o Any others = “Holidays”
o Purim o High Holidays

 Events (there are no subcategories here)

  • ONLY includes: major community-wide Events such as: BJCC Reflections, Boulder Jewish Festival, Menorah bi-annual fundraisers (Bialywood, etc), 9News Health Fair, Major Synagogue Events (the HUGE ones that 300+ people attend)
  • Classes are not Class topic guides which category (either arts/culture or Jewish life). Any class on mysticism, kabbalah, Shabbat, holidays, etc would be in Jewish Life. A Hebrew language or Cooking class would be Arts/Culture. Shabbat services (even special services with speakers or dinners) are Jewish Life.
  • “Talks” are not events and “Speakers” are not events. Talks and general info speakers (history, Israel, politics) are typically Arts/Culture.


  • Includes local, statewide, national and international news; business news and opportunities.
  • Generally – grant opportunities and award announcements are News (RCF, BJCF, etc)
  • Some staffing announcements are News, some are Jewish Life
  • Subcategory for Opinion & Editorial
  • Subcategory for “Guests & Blogs” which includes Rabbis (general pieces), travel blogs

Additional Information about Tags

In general, use tags the way you used to select several categories. When you start typing in the tag box, common tags will popup (like predictive typing on your phone) so you can select from existing tags. There are currently over 3,700 tags in use on BJN – we will work on consolidating them over the next few weeks to remove duplicates and similar terms (e.g., book, books).

An easy way to do tags is to click on Choose from the most used tags.  This is quicker than typing and ensures that there isn’t a typo.

Tags help with search – on google and on BJN.