Letter from Israel: Israel’s War Against Hamas, and American Double Standards

I am appalled when I watch your media, listen to your studio talking heads (apart from Fox), or to the spokespeople from your White House or State Department criticizing Israel for the way we are conducting a just war against Hamas in Gaza. The same with the likes of Chuck Schumer, and don’t get me started with what is going on on your streets and campuses… America. You have an assorted bunch of hypocrites. Your Muslim students were silent when Assad butchered 500,000 in Syria, including thousands of Palestinians. Ditto with Saadam Hussein, or the current bunch in Iran against their people. No signs, no interest, No moronic chanting. No keffiyeh hidden faces. No riots on your campuses by these hypocrites. When 2200 servicemen were killed at Pearl Harbor you turned Hiroshima and Nagasaki into radioactive parking lots. When a few bad guys killed 3,000 on 9/11 you killed 400,000 in Afghanistan and Iraq. But, when we respond to the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust, and the civilan/enemy death rate is the lowest recorded in military history, you falsely accuse us of commiting a genocide. Give me a break! Shut your hypocritical mouths, and let us finish the job against these Palestinian Iranian proxies because, if truth be told, we are fighting your war before it breaks out within your borders. And if Biden and Schumer think it best to sell out Israel for the votes of this radical and stupid Muslim/Marxist mob, then God help America!

Barry Shaw,
The View from Israel.

PS. The picture is a reminder of how America fights its wars.

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