Boulder JCC’s Men of the J Celebrate One Year!

Social connections are more than just someone to hang out and watch a game with. Research shows that social isolation and loneliness lead to poor health outcomes. A men’s group, like the Men of the J, offers a valuable space for participants to share experiences, challenges, and emotions in a supportive environment.  

With this information and commitment to building community, the Boulder JCC launched “Men of the J” in January 2022.  Programs included monthly hikes, monthly discussion groups, monthly meet-ups at local breweries, poker lessons, educational speakers, and a field trip to NCAR. 

“The MOTJ is continuing to build on the success of the Men’s Breakfast Club organized by David Fellows and the brotherhood of Congregation Har HaShem,” said Maya Harvey, Community and Family Engagement Manager at the Boulder JCC. “Our programs are directed by our amazing volunteer committee where we offer programs to help people connect and our first year has been great – we have a lot to celebrate!”

Committee members include:
Joe Cohn
Jonathan Cooper
Roy Feifer
David Fellows
Dick Golden
Ken Gross
Steve Mack
Lew Miller
Steven Moss
Marty Streim
Peter Wayne

One of the most well attended programs is the Monthly Men’s Discussion Group.  The men break up into smaller groups to create opportunities for open dialogue allowing men to address mental health concerns, reducing stigma, and encouraging proactive well-being. 

“In my experience, when I interact with other men, we do not discuss personal issues, “ said Jerry Pinsker, a discussion group participant. “Instead, we discuss sports, and politics. The Men of the J discussion group has helped us to turn inward and personal in our conversations.”  

Join the Men of the J in celebration to mark the one-year anniversary at the Boulder JCC on Thursday, January 25 for dinner and a beer tasting from local company Wibby Brewing

All Boulder JCC programs are open to everyone, regardless of religious affiliation.  You do not need to be Jewish to participate. There is no membership requirement to participate in Boulder JCC programs.  

Advance registration is always encouraged for programs at the Boulder JCC. For registration support call (303) 998-1900 or contact Acy Jackson

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