“StopDontShop” Makes You Think Twice About Where You Spend Your Money

NEW YORK, NY, November 21, 2023 —  Watchdog organization StopAntisemitism announces the launch of StopDontShop — a campaign to support businesses advocating for Israel and spotlighting those that support Hamas, because where you spend your money matters. 

Since the onset of the Israel-Hamas war on October 7, StopAntisemitism has received numerous requests from followers to expose businesses that support Hamas terrorists, as well as highlight those that stand in solidarity with Israel. 

The result is StopDontShop, an interactive website that allows you to filter businesses based on rating, location, and category.

  • StopDontShop (RED) – Businesses that support Hamas and/or espouse hatred towards the Jewish people and nation
  • Caution (YELLOW) – Businesses that need clarity on any rumors pertaining to their real or perceived position on the Israel-Hamas war
  • Shop (GREEN) — You should support this business. They have demonstrated unwavering support for the Jewish people and nation and/or have taken a stand against terrorism. 

Ahead of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, it’s important for consumers to be aware of where they’re spending their hard earned money. This website highlights businesses across numerous industries such as fashion, tech, entertainment, sports, medical, retail, and more. Consumers can also filter businesses by brick and mortar locations in cities across the U.S. as well as online retailers.

“The mission of this campaign is to empower consumers with information,” said StopAntisemitism Executive Director Liora Rez. “As we approach the holiday shopping season, StopDon’tShop encourages everyone to think twice about the impact of their spending. By providing clear categories and detailed insights, our campaign aims to guide consumers across various industries, ensuring they make informed choices that align with their values.” 

Consumers can email info@stopdontshop.org to have businesses added or to provide cause for having a rating changed. To learn more about StopDontShop, visit stopdontshop.org

About StopAntisemitism

StopAntisemitism is a watchdog organization dedicated to holding antisemites accountable and creating consequences for their actions by exposing them through social media, blog posts, and other channels. Founded in 2018, StopAntisemitism has made a critical impact in the fight against Jewish hate and bigotry in America. For more information or to report antisemitic behavior, visit: StopAntisemitism.org.

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