Oct. 7 Hamas Massacre Survivor Reunited with Her Rescuer

Patish, Israel (December 22, 2023) – On Monday, December 19, Natalie Sanandaji, a survivor of Hamas’s unprovoked attack against civilians at the Nova Music Festival on October 7, 2023, reunited with the man who saved her that day, Moshe Sati. Moshe, a father of four who dropped everything to help evacuate survivors away from the festival in his truck, met with Natalie on her first trip back to Israel.

“If it wasn’t for Moshe, I wouldn’t be here today,” said Sanandaji. “I will never be able to repay him for what he did that day, but I will spend the rest of my life honoring him by not letting the world forget about the innocent people who were murdered that day, and the antisemitism that fueled it.”

Following her return home to the United States, Natalie joined the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) as a public affairs officer for the exact purpose of standing up to rising antisemitism, the same hate that fuels Hamas.

Pictures of the participants of the Nova party who were murdered and kidnapped by the terrorist organization Hamas on October 7, 2023 are displayed at the site of the Nova music festival massacre, in Re’im, near the Israeli-Gaza border, November 28, 2023
(photo credit: YONATAN SINDEL/FLASH90)

CAM CEO Sacha Roytman Dratwa accompanied Natalie on her return trip to Israel. “For 16 hours non-stop, Moshe saved lives,” said Roytman Dratwa. “After rescuing all the survivors, he went into the heart of the chaos to help the wounded who couldn’t escape. His wife shared that Moshe was so affected by what he witnessed, he couldn’t speak for 2 hours, not a single word. Even now, he refuses to discuss what he saw, not wanting to shake people’s belief in the goodness of humanity. Even if Moshe has trouble talking about what he did, CAM will not let his heroism be forgotten and it will never fail to stand up to antisemitism in the Middle East, the United States, and anywhere else Jews face hatred.”

About the Combat Antisemitism Movement

CAM is a global coalition engaging more than 750 partner organizations and four million people from a diverse array of religious, political, and cultural backgrounds in the common mission of fighting the world’s oldest hatred. CAM acts collaboratively to build a better future, free of bigotry, for Jews and all humanity.

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