New Lifelong Learning Program Launches Six Classes at the Boulder JCC

On Monday, August 28, a new adult lifelong learning program, EXCHANGE: A Hub for Learning, launched at the Boulder JCC, with over 75 people in attendance. The Open House gave participants the opportunity to socialize, hear from the instructors, and get registered for the variety of programming. The new Exchange: A Hub for Learning program will offer six classes for the fall term starting October 2, with these classes tailored toward adults 55+. Registration opened on Monday, August 28 with over 60 spots filled. With a waitlist set up for every class, don’t hesitate to check out all offerings at the Boulder JCC website

Offerings for this fall include: 

Mondays, October 2 from 9:30 – 11:30 am (In-Person) 

Can China Survive its Challenges?

An in-depth look at the many challenges China faces today, as well as its substantial assets, with Steve Swenerton. The economic miracle that China has executed in the last 40+ years has been the most impressive in world history in such a short time. However, despite visionary leadership starting with Deng Xiaoping, China now faces serious difficulties with most of them internal, as well as international. How will this massive country deal with all of these issues and can it be successful with the current leadership concentrated in the hands of one man?

Examining Reconstruction from 1865-1877

Reconstruction was the first time the United States tried to become a multiracial Democracy (although only for men). Approximately 2,000 freedmen served in political offices across the south, while white supremacists in the south resolved to defeat Reconstruction by any means necessary including voter suppression, falsely disputing election results, and massacres sanctioned by local law enforcement.  Jim Edelman will examine the end of the Civil War as a period of great hope and great peril: America needed to heal, rebuild, and provide justice after the bitter conflict. 

Mondays, October 2 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm (In-Person) 

Africa, A Thousand Words Are Better Than A Picture

This class is intended to introduce readers to African writers who reflect the spirit and the preoccupation of the place with Penny Haws. The writers of the pieces chosen for the class weave the spirit and dignity of the historical culture into the modern day culture. African literature has become one of the most exciting and interesting events in the publishing world across the globe, with several African writers being recipients of major literary prizes.

Women of the World

This course is the cross-cultural study of women and gender relations with Tracy Bachrach Ehlers. You will have the opportunity to examine both patterns of female subordination and conditions where women maintain relative power. Topics include diverse patterns of love and marriage, rural women in the developing world, small business owners, single mothers, and the growing international campaign to educate daughters of the poor. 

Tuesdays, October 3 (Virtually On Zoom)

Eleanor and Franklin, A Partnership That Shaped America
9:30 am – 11:30 am

We will discuss with Robert Haws how two formidable personalities influenced the public life of 20th century America: Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt. Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt were at the center of the major transformations of the United States from the Great Depression through the Second World War, with this session covering a 40 year period from the 1920s – 1960s.

Medical Breakthroughs in Prosthetics, Bionics, and Cybernetics
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Study with Cynthia Perry in this 4-week session on the medical breakthroughs that can restore vision, hearing, ambulation, and organ function. In this online session, we will start with an overview of the nervous system as a whole, and explore visual and auditory processing. Along with the amazing breakthroughs, the course will cover what can go wrong with these systems. 

All Boulder JCC programs are open to everyone, regardless of  religious affiliation. You do not need to be Jewish to participate. There is no membership requirement to participate in Boulder JCC programs.  Using a computer rather than your mobile device will make the registration process easier for you. For registration support call 303-998-1900 or contact Acy Jackson


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