Judaism Your Way Announces New Series “Unlearning Jewish Anxiety”

Do you ever wonder how life might be different if you felt less anxious?

DENVER – Registration is now live for Judaism Your Way’s newest series. “Unlearning Jewish Anxiety” offers a powerful way to understand yourself better, deepen your self-compassion, and learn simple tools to decrease anxiety. In this 6-week class, participants will learn about some common, inherited Jewish anxiety patterns. Participants will learn how to notice when they are in an anxiety spiral and how to get out of it. They will also learn some simple, accessible spiritual tools to meet difficult moments with new and better habits. Unlearning Jewish Anxiety will help in the practice of curiosity and self-compassion each day to respond to whatever arises in life. Registration is now available, and all are welcome to join. The 6-week class will begin on Sunday, March 5.

Since its founding in 2003, Judaism Your Way has welcomed anyone seeking Jewish connection. Understanding that there are many ways to be Jewish, the organization respects and honors them all.

“Do you ever wish you could respond to the stresses of life with more equanimity and less anxiety? If the answer is yes, ‘Unlearning Jewish Anxiety’ is for you! In this class, we’ll look at some common, inherited Jewish anxiety patterns and we’ll learn all about the neuroscience of habits. We’ll also explore some powerful Jewish mindfulness practices, in service of creating more calm in our lives. The goal of this course is to practice curiosity and kindness for ourselves, as well as practical ways to let go of anxiety habits that don’t serve us. When we can let those habits go, we can heal, experience more joy, and create more spaciousness for ourselves.”

— Rabbinic & Program Director and class instructor, Rabbi Caryn Aviv

Judaism Your Way offers accessible and inclusive spiritual experiences. Their services and programs invite people from all traditions and backgrounds to connect with the beauty and meaning Judaism can offer. For more information on Unlearning Jewish Anxiety, including the full schedule and registration visit: www.judaismyourway.org/unlearning-jewish-anxiety/

Judaism Your Way is an open tent, embracing everyone who seeks a connection to Jewish life. Every day, Judaism Your Way shares transformative Jewish experiences and recognizes itself as part of something relevant, whole, and sacred. There are many ways to be Jewish. Judaism Your Way respects and includes them all. For more information, please visit www.judaismyourway.org.

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