Get to Know Boulder JCC Instructors

The Boulder JCC is creating a buzz with its diverse range of year-round programs designed to engage and inspire children and teens from all walks of life. With amazing instructors and classes spanning sports, dance, art, farm, and STEM, the Boulder JCC is committed to fostering inclusivity and learning for individuals of all backgrounds, faiths, and families.

Dan and Jordan Etter are indispensable assets to the Boulder JCC, where they serve as our sport instructors and leaders in a variety of programs. Their passion for teaching and nurturing young minds is evident in every class they conduct, be it in our After School sessions, School Break programs, Camps, or our Early Learning and Parenting programming.

With their infectious enthusiasm and creativity, Dan and Jordan effortlessly capture the attention and hearts of the children they work with. Their ability to tailor their approach to suit individual learning styles ensures that every participant feels supported and excited throughout their learning journey. We were able to get a moment with Dan and Jordan to ask them some questions.

1. How did you become connected to the Boulder JCC?
“We first developed ties with the Boulder JCC when we enrolled our oldest child at the ECC (Early Childhood Center). We immediately fell in love with the community and knew we wanted to build a deeper connection. So, we volunteered to start a sports education program and haven’t looked back!”
2. How long have you lived in Boulder?
“We actually live in Firestone, but Coach Jordan’s family has been in Boulder since the 70’s in Colorado for generations. She graduated from Boulder High School and has always been a Boulder girl.” Dan grew up in Vermont but it only took one trip to Colorado to know he wanted to land here permanently. That trip was actually when the two were dating in college and took a ski/snowboard trip to Colorado with members of their soccer teams for a spring break trip.
3. What do you love the most about teaching at the Boulder JCC?
“We most love the community that we’re helping to build and be a part of. We’ve become close with so many families and enjoy such a strong sense of belonging. When we had our third child, Kimberly Baker (Parenting and Early Learning Director) organized a meal train and the whole community was incredibly supportive. It’s become much more than just a place of work, but truly a space for connection, support, and friendship!”
4. How did you develop your skill for teaching and working with kids?
“We both grew up playing on multiple teams in several sports, exposing us to a wide range of coaching styles and developmental approaches. These early experiences taught us the impact that educators can have, both good and bad, and inspired us to create a strong, positive foundation for kids through coaching. As college athletes, our summers were spent coaching at youth sports camps and we fell in love with the practice of sharing our passion while helping kids develop.”
5. What’s a fun fact people might not know about you?
“We love to visit National Parks with the Vacation Races series, which hosts half-marathons as a means to visit your favorite nature destinations!”

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