Trees of Life: Explore Kabbalistic Sefirot

Have you wondered what Kabbalah is and how it can fit into your life? Many of us have and now we can learn with Rabbi Shavit Lonstein and other like-minded adults who are eager to embark on an adventure of mind and spirit as we explore spirituality and Jewish wisdom.

We will explore Jewish mysticism from the vantage point of the sefirot; what Rabbi Arthur Green calls “the ten primal realities and are the stages by which G-d is revealed, constituting the true inner structure of reality.” By looking at various ways to envision the sefirot, we will discover different ways to access our own spiritual selves, while learning more about the mystical side of Judaism.

Our focus will be seven different “trees” each with a different way to relate to the ten seferot. You can join us for one or all seven.


  1. May 11 – Intro/ Kabbalah 101 / The 10 Sefirot
  2. May 18 – Dugmaot: Learning from Biblical Personalities
  3. May 25 – Connections: Different ways we connect with the Divine in our lives
  4. June 1 – Prayers: Mystical Lessons to Deepen our Conversation
  5. June 8 – Journeys: Different ways to find our path
  6. June 15 – Beginnings: The Creation Story from a Mystical POV
  7. June 22 – Unity: Putting it together and tips for using it for the rest of our lives.

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