The B’nai Mitzvah Class We All Wish We Had as Young Activists.

The Adventure Judaism Mitzvah class for B’nai Mitzvah & B’nai Yisrael Students held by Rabbi Alan Shavit-Lonstein is back and runs from April 2022 till February 2023. The class is focused on all things community. It takes a hands-on approach to community service offering service projects from Boulder to Denver. The class strives to grow our responsibility to others and strengthen the community through the amazing outreach provided. 

This class is similar to the Adventure Class, taught by Rabbi Jamie Korngold, as they both prepare students for their Bar and Bat Mitzvah. Rabbi Alan shares what sets them apart is “Ours is focused on Mitzvah projects and social justice projects” explaining the Mitzvah class is “more activity focused”. Rabbi Alan believes kids should sign up for the class because “It’s a unique way to connect to Judaism that involves forming a community with other students”. 

Helping the community is a priority for this program. Service projects are in abundance and Rabbi Alan explains “I’m looking forward to finding a way so the students can help those impacted by the wildfires”. This class is perfect for someone with a passion for community service and will no doubt make positive contributions towards the Boulder and Denver area. 

The Mitzvah class is a wonderful mix of Jewish values, beneficence and community connection. Rabbi Alan concludes “This is the kind of class that I wish I had when I was at  Bar Mitzvah age. A small group of people connecting, learning and affecting change in the world”. 

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