Taste Fine (Kosher) Israeli Whiskey with the Boulder JCC

Join us at the Boulder JCC on July 14 for the Milk & Honey (M&H) Whiskey Tasting. There you’ll hear sommelier, Brian Dvoret, tell the remarkable story of the young Israelis who started a distillery in the last place you would expect, hot and humid Tel Aviv! He will explain the process of making the whiskey and all the challenges the founders had to overcome.

After hearing about the whiskey we will get to taste this brilliant single malt from the new Israeli distillery in Tel Aviv Milk & Honey (M&H). Aged in the finest ex-bourbon casks and special red-wine STR casks, giving this whiskey a light and balanced character. Dinner will be served by Torchy’s.

Between tastings of whiskey, Itai Divinsky, JEWISHcolorado Shaliach (Israel Emissary), will lead us on a figurative tasting of Israel. Itai will spend a few minutes each on topics ranging from politics to culture to security. 

The following will be poured:

M&H Classic

M&H Elements Red Wine cask

M&H Elements Sherry Cask

M&H Elements Peated Cask

M&H Levantine Gin

All of M&H’s products are certified Kosher.

Thursday, July 14 | 6:30 – 8:30 pm| Register HERE

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