Manage Stress Through Mindful Movement at the Boulder JCC

Join us at the Boulder JCC this July for two opportunities to clear your mind, develop a new practice, connect with others, and get your blood flowing. No experience is necessary to be a part of these programs. 

Balancing Yoga 

This five-week series, led by Caron Robinson,  will focus on finding internal balance with the external imbalance of the long and hot days of the Summer season. This practice will use the 3 Gunas (Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas) to find balance as we calm down our excess heat to cool our spirits and find stillness during the high activity of summertime. There are options to register for the series or for individual classes. Thursdays, July 7 through August 4, from 5 – 6 pm. Find out more and register HERE.  

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a mindfulness movement meditation practice that utilizes postures in a rhythmic pattern to circulate qi through the body in order to maintain optimal health and vitality. It is practiced for wellness, energy cultivation, and stress management. Qi Gong is simpler and more accessible than Tai Chi and can be practiced at any age, even seated in a chair. Instructor Karli Sherwinter will lead the class through these ancient movements that flow right into the next, like a choreographed dance. Monday, July 18 from 5 – 6 pm. Advanced registration is required. Find out more and register HERE

See all of the Boulder JCC’s upcoming Health and Wellness programs HERE.

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