Letter: The Quick Learning Curve and Wise Reversal of the Sierra Club

Dear Letter to the Editor:

Acting Executive Director of the Sierra Club Dan Chu is to be commended for his quick reversal of the Sierra Club’s antisemitic decision to boycott Israel, the world’s only Jewish country. The Sierra Club’s Ill advised decision to boycott the Jewish population of Israel ala Joseph Goebbels’ boycott of the Jewish population of Germany was based Mr. Chu listening to the “advice” of organizations who support the elimination of Israel including Jewish Voice for Peace, Palestinian Adulah Justice Project, NDN Collective, Campaign for the Boycott of Israel, Sunrise Movement and Movement for Black Lives.

Many concerned Jewish organizations and individuals immediately reached out to Mr. Chu and advised him that embracing Jew hatred is inimical to the public’s perception of the Sierra Club as focusing on the stewardship of the environment. He was also advised of the Nazis perverse history of combining environmentalism with antisemitism.

Mr. Chu’s announcement that trips to Israel will continue demonstrates his willingness to listen and learn. His decision is in stark relief to the antisemitic obstinacy of Unilever which continues to watch its stock price plummet as it  boycotts through Ben & Jerry’s the 850,000 Jews of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem.

Richard Sherman
Margate, Florida 

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