Bonai Shalom’s Working Groups Statement on Recent Events

Unbelievably and yet so predictably, we are here again, reeling from another school shooting, in Uvalde, Texas, occurring just 10 days after the mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, NY, where bigotry and hatred were the motivations.  We can never become numb to the news of mass killing whether it is in a school, supermarket or place of worship. We find hope in the knowledge that because hatred is a learned behavior, it can be unlearned. Therefore, we are not powerless against this crisis, and we are obligated to take action to honor those who have lost their lives in this senseless, and in so many cases, preventable bloodshed. There are a number of actions that members of our community can take. 

For a more comprehensive response and list of actions from each Working group, click on the following two links:

Gun Violence Prevention Response

Response to Racism Response

In addition, if you want more information, please check out both committees’ websites:

From Congregation Bonai Shalom’s Working Groups On Gun Violence Prevention & Response To Racism (Sub-Committees Of The Tikkun Olam Committee)

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