Ancient Wisdom on Modern Questions: Upcoming Classes

Ancient Wisdom on Modern Questions: a Series or Single Classes for Adults

Today’s social and political divisiveness is virtually unprecedented. However, we have resources in Jewish tradition that address any of these issues, and the larger questions of how we get along and divide as a society. Join us for a class that speaks honestly openly and deeply about issues.  Rabbi Shavit Lonstein and other like-minded adults will gather to embark on an adventure of mind and spirit as we explore spirituality and Jewish wisdom. Find out how much Judaism can speak to our deepest questions.

Classes can be joined as drop-in or the series:

Two Class Options: In-Person or on Zoom

  • Wednesdays 7 pm MT via Zoom
  • Sundays 7 pm in person at the Adventure Judaism Board Room
  • The in-person classes will be on the same topic as the previous Wednesday and depend on sufficient registration.


  1. Oct 12 (Zoom) / Oct 16 (in person) – Jewish Traditions of Dissent
  2. Oct 19 (Zoom) / Oct 23 (in-person) – Gender Identity and the Torah
  3. Nov 3 (Zoom) / Nov 6 (in-person) – Rabbinic Views on Kings and Leaders
    <Note Skipped Week>
  4. Nov 9 (Zoom) / Nov 13 (in-person) – Global Warming and Genesis
  5. Nov 16 (Zoom) / Nov 20 (in-person) – Separation of Religion and State
  6. Nov 23 (Zoom) / Nov 27 (in-person) – Being Fruitful vs. Family Planning
  7. Dec 1 (Zoom) / Dec  4 (in-person) – Who Gets Human Rights?
  8. Dec 7 (Zoom) / Dec  11 (in-person) – Getting Along When we Disagree


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