Becoming a Soulful Parent – Even In Challenging Times

Dasee Berkowitz, author ofBecoming A Soulful Parent: A Path to the Wisdom Within,” joins the Boulder JCC live from Israel on Sunday, February 7 at 12:00 pm. She will discuss her new book and parenthood during these challenging times. This virtual program is geared towards parents with children of all ages. 

Combining insights from thousands of years of traditional Jewish wisdom with her own relatable first-person storytelling, Dasee developed the Becoming a Soulful Parenting program to help parents navigate and embrace every challenging moment of parenting. 

The Becoming a Soulful Parenting workshop has become a national success and we are thrilled to have Dasee speak with community member Susan Rona about her book based on her experience as an educator and parent. 

Becoming A Soulful Parent: A Path to the Wisdom Within is not a how-to book. Instead, Dasee asks questions to help you explore the contours of your inner life, developing your internal compass as you lead your family with love and wisdom.

Becoming a Soulful Parent will help strengthen “muscles” that will be essential for you and your children throughout your lives—muscles like love, listening, empathy, and curiosity.

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Dasee Berkowitz is a Jewish educator, facilitator, and founder of ‘Becoming a Soulful Parent’, a program that has inspired hundreds of parents and parent educators nationwide to bring soulful parenting to their families. Her writing has appeared in, Haaretz, the Forward, and the Times of Israel, and other publications. She lives in Jerusalem, Israel with her husband and three children.

In addition, join us on Zoom for a sample class of the Becoming A Soulful Parent series. This is an opportunity to learn more about this series for parents of middle schoolers and high schoolers which will begin in March. This is also an opportunity for parents to come together and support each other and learn more about themselves as parents. Facilitators Susan Rona and Shari Blake Schnee will utilize resources from the Ayeka Association about “Becoming a Soulful Parent” and The Blessing of B- by parenting expert Wendy Mogel, PhD., and Jewish texts. Together, we will explore questions such as “Who am I as a parent?” and “What makes me uniquely able to raise my child?” as opposed to the questions we are used to discussing such as “Am I doing this right? Will my child succeed? What more should I do?”  Click here for more information on the sample class. 

About Shari Schnee

Shari Blake Schnee is the Shalom Family and Camp Director at the Boulder Jewish Community Center (BJCC).

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