Thoughts After Election Day

The election outcome is still not clear today. Many of us may continue to feel stress and anxiety as the results unfold over the coming hours and days.

In this time of deep and painful division, we remain committed to working towards and creating the community we want to live in by leading with our values and by example. As we move forward together, we remind you that the JCC is your community, and we are here to welcome and support you.

We will continue to:

  • bring community together
  • cultivate joy
  • repair the world (tikkun olam) in our backyard
  • practice love and empathy

As we engage with our friends, families, and neighbors during this sensitive time, language is more important than ever. This year, we are again proud partners of Clean Speech Colorado, a month-long initiative in November raising awareness about the power of speech and its ability to build a more positive, respectful, and peaceful world. Your words are incredibly powerful, and you have the ability to support one another and help transform our community through language. Together, we can commit to the Jewish value of clean speech. To learn more, sign up to receive daily short videos and lessons in November.

We are here to support you by bringing our community together.


Jonathan Lev
Executive Director
Boulder JCC

Lee Strongwater
Board President
Boulder JCC

About Jonathan Lev

Jonathan Lev, MPA, joined the Boulder JCC as Executive Director in 2010. He is a passionate educator and entrepreneur who combines his experience at Jewish summer camp and involvement with the startup of Boulder based Renewable Choice Energy to influence his leadership as a nonprofit executive and Jewish professional. He was certified as high school teacher and Summa Cum Laude graduate from the University of Colorado in Boulder. For more than six years, Jonathan was a leader in the field of Jewish summer camp where he worked to enhance the level of supervision and mentorship for both campers and staff through innovative summer and year-round trainings. In 2007, Jonathan continued his studies and was selected as a Taub Fellow at New York University in the dual-master’s degree program for a Master in Public Administration in Nonprofit Management and Master in Hebrew and Judaic Studies. Since starting his role in 2010 at the Boulder JCC, Jonathan has led the community's $30M capital campaign to build a new JCC campus, which opened in summer 2016. He speaks regularly about making philanthropy fun and the role that inter-generational giving has on creating a legacy. Outside of work, he and his wife, Lyndsay, and their daughters, Mira and Susanna, can be found hiking, skiing, practicing yoga, listening to music, and planning their next great adventure. Follow him @jonathanlev on twitter.

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