The Professional Benefits of Working at Day Camp

Cherryvale Day Camp at the Boulder JCC has once again begun its search for camp staff. It’s off to a great start and we are so excited to welcome new as well as returning staff this summer. 

It may be difficult for some to consider day camp a “serious” professional endeavor. How can crafts and kickball help our workforce develop the necessary skill-set sought by top companies? 

Day camp is an amazing opportunity for young professionals to gain invaluable life and work experience. In an article published by Camp Judaea “Translating Camp: 21st Century Business Skills” the author highlights a great range of skills acquired by day camp professionals, including leadership, management and supervision, problem solving and conflict resolution, and communication. These “soft skills” are the foundation of any competitive applicant. (I challenge you to identify a successful CEO without any of these key competencies!)

Not to forget: to be hired as a day camp staff member at Cherryvale is no easy task. If you are asked to join our team it is because you demonstrated superior emotional intelligence, acute analytical ability, and creative problem-solving capacities. Moreover, you showed artistic, athletic, scientific, and entrepreneurial competencies, as well as social and environmental engagement. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, as a Cherryvale Camp staff member, you carry yourself through life with a radiant positivity that nurtures and replenishes the communities you serve. If this is you, please get in touch. Working as a day camp staff member, you have a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact working with children and peers alike, as well as reaching new heights in your personal life and professional path. 

Current Cherryvale openings:
Communications Specialist
Sports Specialist
Farm & Sustainability Specialist
Unit Head
Boulder & Jewish Culture Specialist

For more information or to apply contact

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